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June 2, 2002
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Church and Arrival

8:22 pm: Jet was up for a couple of hours last night. Now that I'm keeping track of his sleeping patterns, it's more evident that whenever he naps for three hours or more he has a more restless night, either getting up earlier and then going back to sleep or getting up sometime in the middle of the night and staying up for a couple of hours.

So John and I were both trashed, a little, but John did the last shift in the morning, and we got ourselves to church okay. Jet played like crazy there, and actually let Tucker, an eight-year-old with, as his dad puts it, a need to mother, was actually able to hold Jet during the Kid's Message. Jet hasn't liked having other people hold him for a while, and after the service he ran around, ate a cookie, drank a great deal of water, and on the way home he fell asleep.

We tucked him in the bedroom while we ate our lunch and then packed everything we needed into the car before picking him up in his car seat, still, and taking him to the car. He didn't wake up until we were pulling into the parking garage at the airport. So he went to sleep in one car and woke up in another nearly an hour and a half later.

Jet got to run around the airport and while he was a bit more anxious than before, he still managed to explore a good deal. He made friends with a sky cap who sat with him and they danced to the music on the cap's boom box. There were many times when people would just grin at Jet as he toddled by. It was fun to see all the grins and smiles spread along the path Jet walked.

Mom and Dad came right on time, and we got home with no problems. Jet got fussy by the end of the hour long drive, and after three and a half hours in the chair, I could see why.

They moved in, unpacked a little and then Dad took Jet while Mom, John and I all napped for an hour plus. I got up because I knew I had to prep the chicken and get it on the rotisserie if we were going to eat at a reasonable amount of time. Jet, however, really wanted to get picked up by me, finally Mom and Dad picked him up, yelling, from me, but Jet quieted pretty quickly once it became obvious that I wasn't going to take him back.

Dad helped me prep the chicken and we got it rubbed, trussed and on the skewer. John got up and got the grill ready and away the chicken went. Dad went for a nap, then, and w watched the LA/Sacramento game seven. It's an amazingly close game, and we're cheering for Sacramento as they're the underdogs. They got overtime, and we're watching the last of that before giving Jet his bath and bedtime. Hee. Of course the underdogs lost, ah well.

Dinner was good. And we ate Trader Joe's Blueberry Bran Muffing Top Cookies for dessert. Yum. They have the texture of my favorite kind of bran muffins

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