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June 7, 2002
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China Gourmet

Another simple day for me today. John stayed at home, and Mom and Dad did another trip to Flatirons Mall with Jet today. This time they actually let him run around, and play with things instead of keeping him in the stroller for the whole trip. I'm glad that they were that adventurous and even gladder that Jet behaved beautifully for them. He only played with a few things, and after walking around for 40 minutes, went back into the stroller without a protest. Yay!

I got work done, helped Mom make lunch, and then went back to work until Dad brought a mildly protesting Jet upstairs. The moment Jet saw me he gave me this enormous smile, and ran towards me. I swung him up and snuggled him and then nursed him and put him to sleep for his nap.

He woke up at 5, and we headed out to China Gourmet in Boulder. We haven't been there for a long time and Mom requested that we go. It was very enjoyable and Mom and Dad ordered some realy good dishes that were very yummy. Jet agreed. He ate an enormous amount of food from Mom's chopsticks! Wow. So I really need to learn how to feed Jet with my chopsticks. He seemed to really enjoy that. I'm glad.

We then wandered a bit after Jet, and then found a park where he could swing for a while. I killed five mosquitoes trying to suck my blood and probably missed a few more. But Jet got some good swing time in and then he even went down the big kid's slide. He had a blast and he didn't get bit at all, as he was moving the whole time. I think he also didn't get whatever it is that attracts the buggers to me.

The evening was fun, as Mom and Dad knew it was their last evening with Jet, and they had a good time playing with him. I'm glad.

John, Dad and I got to see the England vrs Argentina game, which was really fun to see. Owen was just a blast to watch, and John and I remembered him from four years ago, when he was just a teenager at the World Cup. This year he's 22 and assured and a force to be reckoned with. He nearly scored two other goals that went off the posts, and was the person that was fouled that caused the penalty kick that scored the goal that won it for England.

Argentina really looked confused out there. It was just interesting to watch them play, but I'm glad that England is the one that's going to probably advance. Nigeria is definitely not going past the first round. I'm glad that it's likely that Cameroon and Senegal are going to make it. It should be fun to watch.

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