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June 6, 2002
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Souper! Salad!

A quiet day. I worked a lot, John was at work for the day. Mom and Dad took Jet to the Mall for their morning constitutional, and after Jet's afternoon nap, we headed out to Xilinx at 4.

We met John there, and took Mom and Dad on a tour of the new building. They were impressed, and I got a better appreciation of the place as we went in the front entrance, and managed, this time, to find the exercise room.

From there we hit the Souper Salad! and ate dinner. Everyone enjoyed their food, and Jet got a smorgasbord of different possibilities. He ended up eating, with both hands, a bowl of red beans and rice 'soup'. He loved it, eventhough Mom and Dad thought it was pretty spicy. He also ate lots of other little things, that he enjoyed. So he had a great dinner and was very happy when he went home.

Mom and Dad gave him a bath, as he was pretty messy after sampling so much. They all enjoyed it from what I could hear, and we got to watch some World Cup soccer.

Since I'd missed seeing much of any of the World Cup games for the day, since it was so busy. But I'll probably catch up with time.

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