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June 8, 2002
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Super Busy Day

10:12 pm: We did a lot today before we took Mom and Dad to the airport, and then did more stuff before getting home and watching a lot of good sports.

Mom and Dad ate breakfast before both John and I got up, so I made John and I a baked pancake, which Jet nibbled on. He ate a lot more of my vanilla yogurt than he did of the pancake, but he did seem to like the taste of the pancake even if he didn't swallow a lot of it. While we ate breakfast we talked over what we wanted to do and John offered the Boulder Farmer's Market, because I really wanted to get a few things, and then the Leanin' Tree art museum, right next to Celestial Seasonings.

I really like the fact that Boulder parking lots are free on Saturdays. It really helps not only the market but all the Pearl Street Mall businesses as well. We got parking right next to the stairs and headed out. Jet defied my parents' predictions and decided he wanted to be held for the whole trip. John thought Jet would want to walk, too, so we didn't bring the stroller, but I was the one that ended up holding Jet for most of the wander through the market.

The Boulder Farmer's Market closes part of 13th street and just takes over. It's a well shaded part of the street, and runs alongside the Boulder Creek Park. So it's comfortable, and there's a little shade for the vendors. I did my usual thing and mostly walked all the way down the market before buying much. The only exception was for a basket of sugar snap peas that just looked so plump and juicy I had to get them. I munched them, pulling out very few strings as we walked. Jet took one and nibbled it as well. Dad offered to carry it, and I handed it over mildly reluctantly, but there would be time to clean them and then eat them.

Most of the produce at the market is organic, but even organic produce can be dusty out here. We found gorgeous, vine-ripe tomatoes for probably twice the price of the bright, tasteless ones at the grocery store, and we bought them gladly. We got a whole bag of spinach. John found a woman selling nasturtiums, brilliant orange and yellow flowers with a sharp, peppery taste to them and their stems and leaves. We bought a bag of those. We got a loaf of bread. There was one stand of local growers of mushrooms, and they had a whole bin of shitakes. I took a paper bag and picked a half a pound of those and made absolutely sure we got the bag of spring spinach. I love cooking shitakes with spinach.

So we did a lot of shopping, and then we hit the little food court. I got a fruit smoothie that had nothing but fruit ad fruit juice. No ice, no diary, and absolutely no added sugar. Jet drank a good deal of my smoothie and helped me get a bag of mild chile bean tamales from the super tamale place. That wiped out all of my cash. Whew. I really like some of the ideals that people put into action while selling organic and local, and it just feels like of good to support that.

We headed back to the car when we were done and Mom was pretty impressed by the size and quality of stuff offered at the Boulder Farmer's Market. Yay!

We headed to Leanin' Tree, which is actually a publisher and seller of greeting cards. They have one of the largest collections of Western Art, all of which they use for the cards, but they also keep the collection on display for anyone who wishes to come and look to look. It was quite the collection. Some of it humorous, some of it very serious, some depressing, some extremely beautiful. The depressing bits often captured the loss of Native American tribal culture and the way of life that once existed. Some of it was extremely idealized, but it fit their motto, to support both the myth and the reality of the West.

Jet got to play in their shaded lawn for quite some time, as he really needed a break from his seat and his stroller. He really enjoyed the grass and all the pine cones and he even stayed in the shade for most of the time.

From there we headed towards home, but stopped at Abo's and had pizza. New York style pizza. Huge, paper thin slices. Mom and Dad shared three slices and John and I each ate two. Jet told me the pieces I were giving him were too hot, by whimpering when he tried to pick them up and then saying, solemnly, "Hhhhhhh-Ot." He did eat cooled crust, and when I cut up some of the sauced, cheese stuff he ate a bit of that as well. He totally refused to eat any jarred food from Mom or from me.

From there we headed home, and I nursed Jet and the two of us took a nap.

Someone wrote me an email to tell me that not all human beings are actually children of God because of a single line quote they'd found. That, instead, only people who are actively seeking the Christian God are actually Children of God. I am very angry about that. I don't know how they can reconcile the entire parable of the Prodigal Son. I am also weirded out because they decided to tell me that my beliefs are illogical and false. Certainly our beliefs disagree, but it just angers me for someone to dismiss out-of-hand the beliefs I have without asking me why or what's behind what I believe. It certainly doesn't give me any reason to talk with them, knowing what they already assume.

The problem is that this is all sitting in my brain and when I tried to go to sleep it all leaped about in my brain. It took a bit of focus to finally figure out how to get to sleep anyway. I finally got woken up by John fifteen minutes before we had to leave for the airport. Mom offered to have Jet and I stay home ad stay out of the heat and all that, but they'd not seen Jet for the last two hours, and I thought that after a nap ad with some milk and food in him he'd do okay.

Jet did great. On the way to the airport, Jet was happy as a clam. He drank his milk, ate graham apple cookies, and laughed and played and had a great time with Mom and Dad in the back seat. It was a good thing. We dropped them off at their sky cap area and we hugged good-bye, and they waved at Jet who waved back. And then John and Jet and I went back towards home.

We stopped, on the way, at a Super Target. Jet was getting mildly impatient with his seat, and it was a good break. We also needed a bunch of stuff, including sandwich bread, travel tissues, a set of sheets, a light sleeper for Jet, and I needed a couple of tank tops. These 90+ days really need tank tops, and I didn't have many that had good coverage. So I got to get a couple of tanks while John chased Jet around. We managed to get everything we needed with the 'alternate who chases Jet', with a little time for Jet in the basket of the cart. He wouldn't sit in the seat. He did get a hold of a baseball outfit for sleeping in, but it was too small for him, so I had to put it back, to many protests from him. That was sad.

When we got him back into the car, he was just fine after all the running around and a good change. We stopped by Krispy Kreme and got half a dozen donuts and I got a pint of skim milk. Jet immediately wanted some of the milk, so I refilled his bottle and he happily drank that, but when he saw me eating a donut, he demanded part of that as well. I gave him a chunk and he, very happily, ate it a bite at a time. I was glad he didn't stuff the whole piece in his mouth at once. He did alternate bites of donut with draughts of milk. Yay!

On the way home we ran into a traffic jam on I-25 going north. I was glad that we ran into it coming back from the airport rather than on the way there. Jet didn't like it much, though, and protested a good deal of the way. Poor Jet.

When we finally got home, Jet nursed a bit, and then started playing. Yay! So I got to slice the shitakes, clean the spinach, de-stem it and sort it out. Then I sauteed it all in canola and a bit of butter. John made a salad from the nasturtiums, lettuce, and one of those gorgeous tomatoes. He also cut the bread and that's what we had for dinner, a very green, summer dinner. Yum.

There is nothing like eating a meal where pretty much everything was either picked or baked the same day it's being eaten. The mushrooms were firm and meaty, the spinach was just as meaty and had none of that old bitterness. The salad bit back and the tomatoes were dreamily sweet and firm. The bread was perfectly fresh. It was a wonderful meal, and embarrassingly healthy after the Krispy Kreme donuts.

After dinner we got to see Croatia trounce Italy in another really astonishing upset, for me, at least. I'm used to thinking of Italy as one of the Powers of Soccer. Croatia's attacks were just sweet, and Italy's defense seemed to have decided they just weren't worth defending, or something, as some of the wings just waltzed right through. And then we got to watch the Carolina team do their darndest against the Red Wings into a *third* overtime.

While we were watching all that, we did a bunch of laundry. Jet usually 'helps' us sort laundry in a way where it makes for a lot more work, as he really likes taking apart the neat piles we make. So I tried getting Jet to bring me laundry from the other side of the room. I asked him to bring me that, while I pointed at 'that'. And, astonishingly, Jet did! He not only went over there and tackled the item that I asked for, but he actually picked it up and brought it, and sometimes a few other things as well, over to me! And while he was busy doing that he left alone the neat piles that resulted from his work.


So the new technique seems to be pile the laundry in the middle of the room, then have all three of us spread it all over the floor, with Jet the most enthusiastic helper with that. It also helps separate a bunch of the laundry so that all the pieces are evident, and then John and I fold while we ask for certain pieces from Jet. And Jet runs off to get the piece. He's even learned how to throw the smaller pieces in whatever pile we point out. Wow. Jet actually is helping. It just took me to think of another way or another thing he might be able to do.

Jet seemed to really get a kick out of bringing something over and having us make a huge deal out of him doing that. Hee. I'm ver glad he's so easy to please, still. I'll treasure this time, I think.

Sadly, the latter bits of the OT for the hockey game also brought news of three different fires out here. One caused by a coal seam that's endangering thousands of people's homes and a hundred businesses It's completely out of control and the winds are blowing it even higher. The fire even managed to jump an interstate, and it's in the same area that the Storm King fire happened, which killed people years ago.

More problems are coming from the fact that it's dark and there's high winds and they can't get aircraft up into the air to help fight it. There can't be dumps of flame retardant. Luckily, the winds have died down and it's not driving the fire as fast.

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