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June 11, 2002
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Distant Fires

10:08 pm: The local fires are nearly overwhelming in scope. There are, all together 174,000 acres of wild fire at the moment. That's an area larger than all of Chicago and it's suburbs. There is very little containment at the moment. The amazing thing is that the 14% humidity that's supposed to be happening tonight is enough humidity to help out with the fire. It's been so dry it's been in the single digit humidity.

The heat of the fire helped with the formation of the clouds as well, in that it forces that air upwards, which squeezes water from the air. They're hoping for more showers from the affects of the fire itself. It's very interesting thinking that the weather affects of the fire, itself, may help with putting it out. The Haymen is, now, the biggest fire Colorado has ever had. Wow.

The affects on our daily life is very little at the moment. The air is hazy and smoky and the rain is welcome as is the mildly cooler weather. We can see the smoke from the south, and it makes the sky whiter. Today it's much more dispersed than it was Sunday or even yesterday. The storm last night helped to clean the air. The satellite pictures are extraordinary, and the plume of smoke can be seen from space.

The painters were here today and they were glad of the calmer weather as well. Having low winds keeps the dust down and the dust doesn't get stuck to the drying paint. We're trying to get more of the house yellow and keep just the trim white to keep it sharp. That's pretty nice. Jet really loves watching the painters work. He's super curious about them and will hang out by a window and watch them through it and watch everything they do.

He and Isabel had a 'walk' this morning, a quarter of the way down the quiet street. He picked up lots of rocks, picked flowers, and walked a zigzag path that Isabel patiently followed for nearly the hour they were out. He got so tired from just the walk he came back and napped.

I was at work. It felt odd to miss all that, but I got a lot done at work. It was fun to meet my new boss during a meeting. I'll have one on one time with her tomorrow.

I was late getting up, so I made myself a smoothie. I'd managed to buy some silken tofu yesterday and I added it to the smoothie and it made it rich and creamy in mouth feel. I was surprised by that, and there was the mild aftertaste that I also get with soy milk, which I kind of like. I might actually try using Celestial Seasoning's Bengal Spice herb tea for the liquid, tomorrow, instead of the juice, as I don't really need all the sugar in the juice. A fruit chai?

Lunch was sandwiches that John and Isabel made. Jet had his own for a while and he didn't eat much of it. He did try a pretzel and some other stuff. He did eat off me afterwards, and then played happily with Isabel while I went up and finished my five hours with a meeting in the middle. At 4:25, I went off to CeLena's and got a good massage. I was sore from the floor building on Sunday, still, and she worked out those sore areas, but the usual areas that were normally pretty sore were actually okay! So all that moving about and effort seemed to help out with the usual muscle sets. It probably means I really need to get up and move more often rather than sitting all the time while I'm at home for a weekend.

When I got home Isabel and John had dinner ready, spaghetti and sauce and toasted bread. Jet was asleep. John went off to Ray's after dinner to help him with some wiring. Jet woke up and I got to feed him some spaghetti. He ate a good deal of it before deciding he had to stick his fork in the Tupperware container that had all the spaghetti in it. He cried if I took it away, so I left it with him and got half an apples that was left and started cutting it and eating it. Jet decided he wanted that, instead, and so I was able to reclaim the Tupperware and put it away while I was eating my quarter of an apple.

The evening's been filled with coverage of the fire and the weather. Fireworks are being banned state-wide after all this, and even some cities are deciding not to do even a professional display. Things are so dry and all the firemen are at the big fires, so that makes it an easy decision for them.

Jet was hard to get to sleep, what with his late nap. He nursed, and then started wandering around. He begged ice cream from John and I. He was so tired, though, by 10 that he was stumbling around, so I took him upstairs and bounced him a bit and he went right to sleep. I hope he doesn't stay up for a long time tonight, as he did have more than three hours' worth of napping today. We'll see if it really is a pattern. He slept all last night and only got up once, so, hopefully, that'll be the prevailing pattern.

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