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June 21, 2002
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10:17 pm: The wind picked up last night, just before I went to bed. I blew so hard I could hear all the tubes of the wind chime hitting the side oft he house. I heard most of the patio furniture fall over with one good gust. The walls and windows echoed the boom and crash of the wind and the trees outside sounded like surf.

The wind was so high it rattled the open window to Jet's room, shook it so hard and so loudly that Jet woke up screaming. Poor kid. I ran upstairs, nursed him, comforted him, and closed all the windows upstairs. He went back to sleep eventually and stayed that way until 6-something in the morning. I woke up then and fed him and handed him over to John and Isabel and went back to sleep. John actually got up while I was feeding Jet, and started watching the U.S soccer game. He'd been talking about getting up at 5:30 to see it, I'm kind of glad he didn't.

I'd requested donuts, and they went to Dacono and got to meet the donut lady and bought donuts. Jet got his usual six donut holes, and ate five of them on the way home. He then ate bits of John's, Isabel's and mine as well.

Breakfast was out on the porch, with the awning out. It was wonderful out there with the shade, gentle breezes, and all the furniture we have out there. That was really nice. I just had my coffee and donuts out there and Jet gently chased the car around between bites.

John went up to work, about the same time I got up, and when I was finished with my breakfast, I went up and joined him. It was pretty warm up there. The weather last night had blown through and I opened the windows up when I fed Jet, but we closed it up when it was hotter outside than it was inside. But heat still rises, and the upstairs office, with its machines, gets very hot very quickly.

I managed to work anyway. I got lots of things written, finished a number of To Do's and rescheduled a meeting. Lots of little stuff that never really feels like it's Doing Anything. But it's the stuff that's necessary to get things done.

John had a meeting from eleven to noon. When he as done we headed out to the theater. We looked for my cel phone but couldn't find it. That concerned me a little and when we called it it couldn't be heard. So we gave up and decided to look later. Isabel was confident we wouldn't need it and John and I decided to call at the end of the movie to make sure things were okay.

We made a quick stop at Good Times for lunch. We grabbed drive-thru bacon cheeseburgers for far less than hot dogs at the movie theater and they tasted infinitely better. We finished eating them while in line to get tickets and then trotted towards the theater. When we arrived we saw quiet marsh waters with a body floating in a cloud of blood... the very first shot of Windtalkers

It's a Woo movie. It's the first American film he's made where he got full budget and complete license with the plot. I loved the depth and style and morale questions it brought up. As Bryant said, while there was never any question that the war being fought must be fought, there was, very clearly, the question of what are men willing to do to win? I was also very intrigued by the order of the attrition of the characters. It was very unusual and ended up very satisfying. The plot was very satisfying, for me, as well, but it might not be for most people.

I thought Nicholas Cage did a beautiful job of playing a Woo hero. He had the moves, the attitude, and the ability to play a character in need of redemption. He did so well with it. I was very glad that the kinds of characters Chow Yung Fat does so well could be done, as well, by an American actor in a very Western setting. So I would highly recommend this movie to any Woo fans.

When we got home, Isabel and Jet were just lazing around on the porch. Jet had slept a lot in the afternoon, and was still kind of quiet. He was just sitting on one of the porch chairs, watching the painters, the birds, and the airplanes flying by. The two of them had enjoyed the outside, under the awning for most of the afternoon. John and I sat with them, ad just sat and talked. Jet looked very content, just relaxing in his seat and following things with his eyes.

Dinner was just the leftover lasagna, a very simple, easy dinner, with just a new salad. The we got to sit down and watch England play Brazil. It was a hard game, solidly fought, and filled with extraordinary moves on both sides, but one had to win.

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