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June 22, 2002
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Please, Corn Dog, and Errands

We sent Isabel to the airport this morning. It was sad to see her go, but we'll be seeing her again in three week, so it wasn't too bad. We were all very, very thankful of the help she and my parents gave us for the three weeks. As a possibly completely independent matter, Jet had an unhappy day.

He started out grumpy and out of sorts. John got up with him at 7:30 am, which is far later than he was sleeping for most of the time my parents and Isabel were here, and Jet had no desire to play with him or his mom. He was cranky and sad and grumpy, and only after I got up and he got to nurse was he in anything like a better mood.

We all got our own breakfasts and we all got into the car by 9 and headed out. Isabel's flight wasn't until 11:30, and she didn't have to be there until 10, but we thought we'd do the right thing this time and stop, park, and walk Isabel in so that Jet would get some time out of his seat. It turned out, however, that Jet had absolutely no intention of letting me out of his clutches. He refused to walk, was unhappy about being put down, and would just wrap both arms around my legs whenever he was on the floor. I finally just held him the whole time, and when Isabel got a hug good-bye it was from and with both of us at the same time.

Jet had problems with letting even John hold him on the way out; but he did go with John into the bathroom for a change. The bathroom at the end of the airport, though, didn't have a changing table, so we finally just changed him out on the tailgate of the car. He didn't seem to mind and on the way home he fell asleep.

We decided not to go to Cost Plus or Target on the way home to let him just sleep; but the instant we got into the garage and stopped his eyes popped open and he was awake and grumpy about it.

The temperature today is in the mid to high 90's, and it's humid today. Sticky humid. I wonder, a little, if that is contributing to his mood. It certainly makes me feel out of sorts. I like heat on the most part, but I really don't enjoy sunshine and I don't like the humid heat that makes everything just drip instead of letting the sweat really work at cooling. Ugh.

We had corn dogs for lunch. Since Jet wouldn't go to sleep, he ended up eating the stick end of a dog each from John and I. He nibbled the dog, the breading, and then the stick as well. When John and I were done, and Jet was nibbling the last of his second stick, I asked him if he wanted more. He nodded and clear as a bell said, "Please."

John, Isabel and I have a habit of whenever someone asks us if we would like something we just say, "Please." And what Jet said sounded exactly like that, with the same cadence and everything. I guess it rubbed off! So I took him downstairs, got another corn dog, nuked it to warm it, toasted it to make it crunchy and he got a third of it on a new stick. He smiled and took it and ate most of it before deciding it'd be more fun to run around with it. It was only then that I took it away.

But... gosh. He said "Please"! Wow.

He didn't run out of energy after lunch, but John and I did. John went off to take a nap, and I woke up a little and played with Jet for a while before nursing him and trying to get him to nap again. He finally did go to sleep around 2:30 until about 3:15.

I then pulled out my Visor, my keyboard and watched "Dave", the movie about a guy asked to impersonate the president and basically becomes him with the help of the good guys. It was good, mindless stuff and I got to write all by myself for a while. It's really funny that for the last three weeks there were people that were taking care of Jet a lot, but I never really took the time for myself to really write. I needed it badly. And it was wonderful to not have to be a hostess for anyone, or talk to anyone. I'm very grateful for all the help. I am, however, enough of an introvert that being alone is necessary sometimes.

It was a good hour or so.

Jet got up, and woke John up by yelling a lot and then nearly going back to sleep again, but he would only sleep while I was bouncing him, so I gave up on that and let him be awake.

From there we headed into Longmont, and tried to dump our recycling. Maddeningly, though it was a quarter 'til four, and the sign said that they were open until four, the guy had closed the in gate and was only letting people out. When John said that we only had a small load, the guy pointed at the eight cars lined up behind us and said that he'd be there until 5 if he let everyone in. Bugger all.

It made us pretty mad. If they had said that they were only open until quarter 'til 4 we wouldn't have bothered.

From there we headed to work to look through my cubicle to see if we could find my celphone there. The problem is that with all the thinking over of where it might have been any memory that I actually had was pretty fogged. So we decided it wouldn't hurt to search work. We started with my cubicle. Jet picked up my giant Koosh ball and hugged it to him. He seemed to really enjoy the texture, and with something to hug, he seemed to be happier than early in the day. With the toy he was brave enough to walk around the building with us.

He did good about going with us, most of the time. The running water in the lobby was a bit much, though, and he walked towards it to see it, but eventually came our way. We checked the classroom, the restrooms, and then checked my cubicle again. Nothing. Ah well. Jet got to ride the elevator, walk around, and so he seemed a little more content to get into his car seat after the adventure than before. He also brought the Koosh with him.

From there we hit Target and couldn't find a filter for Jet's HEPA filter. We did find a bit of music for Jet, and when we were looking for filters Jet said, "Uh oh." and pointed. My Visor's stylus was on the floor! He'd spotted it falling and pointed it out to me. I thanked him for spotting it and tucked it back into the case. He grinned at that.

We then hit Wal-Mart, and John stayed in the car with Jet while I ran in to look. A thunderstorm broke out while I was running in, and they didn't have any filters either. It was still raining huge splattering splots of rain as I headed back out and we drove to Safeway. The skies opened up as we drove.

Since there is so little humidity here, when it rains and actually hits the ground, it seems like the drops have to be huge to make it. Everything else just evaporates into the air on the way down. With the actual rain and the heat, it got so muggy that it was oppressive when we got out of the car. As I was taking my Visor out to check the grocery list, I realized that the stylus was, once again, missing. Oops.

I must have dropped it in the Wal-Mart and without Jet to find it for me I'd left it. Ah well...

We stocked up, and bought a frozen pizza for dinner since it was pretty late as we left the store. The pizza cooked up pretty quickly. I cut up half a slice for Jet, and he plowed right through it. He ate it like it was going out of style. We ate some, too, and when I was mostly done with one piece, Jet pointed at it and asked for it. So I gave it to him. He mostly disassembled it and ate some of it, but not all of it. He still had a really large dinner. Pizza can be a good meal, especially with the whole wheat crust John made last time.

I'll have to remember that for other Jet meals.

After dinner we finished watching the soccer games of the day. I was mildly sad about Senegal, but glad that Turkey got a shot. The refereeing, sadly, seemed to take center stage in the South Korea game. That was kind of sad.

From the previous round, the Italians were just whiners. They had no logical leg to stand on. A country that throws rotten tomatoes at its players when they lose and fires the player that scored against them is, as a country, a poor loser and only encourages poor sportsmanship. Yuck. The Spanish were better than that, mildly, but losing in a shoot out is always bitter. But losing in a shoot out to the team that had at least two regular time PK's blocked, was probably even harsher.

I am mildly glad we'll get a break before the next few games, as it's been a bit of a stretch to set aside three hours a day to watch the games. An hour and a half when we were just watching a single game a day from the night before was very doable. Watching two at a time, though, was a bit too much.

Still, I'm now glad that I've watched a lot of whole games, as I have a far better feel for the character of each team. The reports of the games, afterwards don't show the long-term tenacity of the South Korean team, that relentless stamina that had the Germans saying that if the game had lasted another five minutes the Koreans would have won the pool match as well.

We'll see how it goes.

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