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June 23, 2002
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Church, Cost Plus, and Wild Jet

9:28 pm: A hot and humid day, where we did got out on one adventure, and got more than we thought we would.

Jet was up about every two hours until 3. We think it's teething or something, as he's been very clingy all of yesterday and he was pretty clingy today. He was especially clingy today in unexpected ways today. John took him for one of them, but I took him for all the others and was pretty tired in the morning. So I slept in while I could.

John was making breakfast when I finally woke up and he did a great baked pancake with a bunch of real, honest to gosh, pork bacon. We've been eating the turkey version for so long, that it was pretty amazing to eat the real thing. Jet really enjoyed a strip of his own as well. He also ate a good deal of yogurt and baked pancake. We're now splitting things so that he gets significant amounts. And he ate it.


We then headed off to church. The attendance was really small, and the nursery lady wasn't there. Jet also wouldn't let go of me. When Tucker tried to carry him off to look at a fly, Jet instantly started crying and fighting free to get back to me. Poor little guy. So I pretty much stayed with him all morning. When he finally got enough courage to go somewhere other than my lap I took him to the playroom and we played there with the toys there.

He really enjoyed that. We played with Legos, foam puzzle pieces, and then he found a box of crayons. He riffled them, threw them, scribbled with them for a while, gave them to me, and then he started to put them away! Wow. Of course, when he was mostly done, the started pulling more out again. Jet also shared everything with me. He'd give me Lego's. He gave me crayons, and he would hand me every other puzzle piece.

Most of the literature says that toddlers don't really understand the concept of sharing. Jet probably doesn't understand the concept, but he seems to have some mechanic down where he will give just about every other thing to the person he's playing with. Or something. He steals things from Haley on a regular basis, Joan says it's just to make her scream. Given that Jet'll apply the edges of his teeth to my knees just to make me scream, it makes a lot of sense.

But with me he was sharing quite readily. When we went out to eat some snacks and drink something, he clung to me pretty steadily until we went outside. It was cool in the shade under the trees. Jet danced for a while on the surface of one of the picnic tables. He would laugh and dance to the other side whenever I walked around to make sure he didn't fall off. The grass was so nice that he asked to be put down onto it. He took a few steps and then started running again.

He ran and ran and when I didn't run after him and someone else did he didn't seem to mind anymore. He just laughed and kept running and playing with whomever followed him. John followed him for a while, to other girls played with Jet for a while as well. It was very cool to see him non-clingy, and happy and brave enough to just run. It was good, for me, to just sit down, drink a little decaf coffee and eat a snack or two.

We left and headed home. It was too hot to really do all that much, and Jet fell asleep on the way home. I had John put him into our room as his room was way too hot, and he did manage to sleep for two hours. I was glad of that. I took the time to go upstairs into the way too hot office and catch up my journal.

John came up and started searching the office again for the celphone. He didn't find it and as he left he asked me a question about dinner. For a change I'd decided to use my ball for my seat for the journal writing, and as I turned to answer him I caught a shadow out of the corner of my eye. I yelped and said, "I just found the cel phone!" And there it was, at the back of my keyboard tray on my work desk. Since I was sitting at our home machine on my ball, I was right at the height where I could see the phone. If I'd been at my work machine or on my normal seat, I wouldn't have seen it.

Hoorah! I found it!

When Jet woke up I went back downstairs and fed him some spaghetti and whirled up a small fruit smoothie. I blended a few strawberries, half a squishy banana, and some lime yogurt with some orange juice. The smoothies Isabel and I drank for most of the last week had white grape juice or white cranberry and peach juices as the juice, so they were far less tart than the one I made today with the orange juice. Jet made a few faces the first few sips he took. But after seeing me drink half of it, he asked for it and drank the second half of it. It seems a good way to get fruit into him. I am contemplating steaming some carrots to whirl in as well. Carrots are one of those things that are more nutritious cooked, and they'd be sweet enough to for a smoothie.

He drank it right up, and ate some of his food, and then we decided to go to Cost Plus and see what there was to see. There's a Cost Plus by the Krispy Kreme on the way to the airport. We missed the one that was in Bellevue that we used to go to regularly, and the one that's in San Diego gets our business every time we go down there.

Jet complained about the sandals on his feet most of the way to the store. Once he was put on his own feet, though, he took off. Very different from the extremely clingy morning. He just took off and started getting into everything. He started by crawling into a set of shelves and finding a rubber ball at the very back of the shelf he was one. He carried the found ball around for a while, but then discovered candle snuffers. He picked a silver candle snuffer and carried that with him after giving me the ball.

From there he tried touching everything that was at his level, including a large number of glass and porcelain objects. He didn't break a single one, though not from lack of effort. Both John and I got our reflexes tested pretty well, as he hauled on vases, glasses, bowls, candle holders and huge olive oil bottles. He loved pulling out a bunch of bath mats and stomping on them when they were on the ground. He pulled down cushions and laid on them.

John found a papasan and laid him on it, and Jet nestled in and just smiled at us. Hee. He really liked that. We had to move on, eventually, and he found some tiny grocery carts. He loved those and was willing to sit and play with them for nearly half and hour. John got to look at outdoor tables, then, and found a really nice, smallish cedar table that would go really well on our patio. With the new awning, we're likely to spend more time and eat more breakfasts out there, so a nice table seemed a useful thing.

We also bought various foods. I found some deep cereal bowls I really wanted. I also found a round, French, two quart casserole for only ten dollars. I've been wanting one since the Good Eats episode on macaroni and cheese. I've also been very impressed at the performance of the plain ramekins I bought a few years ago. At that price I couldn't pass it up.

I also got some Dutch mints, which are the candy coating on the outside, a bit of chocolate and mint on the inside. I have always loved them. Jet got one when he managed to sit in his car seat after fighting it after the freedom of the store. He asked for more and in the midst of the rush to get everything into the car and get the table in and secured Jet got three of them.

Turns out he put them all into his mouth, crunching the candy shell, munching them in his mouth. He didn't swallow, though, and on the way home, he started spitting out stuff. Ugh. All over his chest and chin and neck. He then asked for more of the candies. I refused to give them to him and he kicked up a fuss. I just cleaned him off, as well as I could, with some Kleenexes. He finally stopped fussing, so I bit one of the mints in half and fed him half.

I asked him to open his mouth to show me he had actually eaten it before I would give him another. And when I finished asking him, he opened his mouth, "Aaaaaahhh." and it was clear. So I gave him another half. He started demanding them more quickly again. I refused to give them to him as quickly as he wanted them, and, in frustration, he started blowing chocolate goo again.

Ah well. So he didn't get any more of the mints. I've never seen him do this with candy. He got immediately taken to the bathtub, in his car seat. And we just washed him right there.

I will admit that I was pretty mad at him at this point. So I pretty much let John handle it all. Jet seemed to pick up that I was mad at him and he started trying to win me over. He would smile at me, play toward me in the tub and eventually hugged me while I was drying him off. I couldn't be mad at him long, as he did do what I asked, in opening his mouth whenever I asked to see if he was done with a candy. He just did something extra.


I don't know where the line is, myself, in some ways. I did scold him for the action, and I still don't know when he does or doesn't understand when I lay out consequences. I should probably just assume he understands, as he seems to understand a lot more than I think he does. I should remember to not give him anything while he has something in his mouth, and that a few is better than too many. It didn't help having not only the bag but having John asking for some as well, so Jet knew that there were more, the whole time.

So I'll have to think it all through and figure out what to do next time and chalk it up to experience.

After the bath, Jet ran around the house in nothing but his diaper. It was so hot. We were also washing out the electronic filters. The fires were really making my eyes itch and puffy, and the filters were pretty black from all the dust and smoke. Jet's HEPA filter was still pretty clean, so we don't really need a replacement, yet. I may well try and find one just to know that we have one for when it's time.

We watched some TV, and I made rosemary and garlic chicken with white wine in the Dutch oven on the stove out on the gas grill. The stove flame out there is good enough for cooking on and I don't need a vent and the heat stays out of the house. I needed to keep things cooler. John baked bread while I was getting things started, and then we watched bits of U.S. Marshals while we cooked.

Jet got to nurse for the second time today and nearly fell asleep. When he came off he started crying until I just held him until he snuggled in and quieted. Of course, nursing so soon before dinner, he didn't eat much.

He did have a great evening, though. He played with both John and I. He bit my knees, wrestled with John. He actually rode his little, wooden trike. He kicked his Bob the Builder rubber ball around and then started heading the huge exercise ball around the room. He decided, for a while, to run towards me and get lifted high into the air every time he got to me. He also enjoyed getting tickled by John.

There was one time when he came to me to get picked up and when I did, he swung his head forward, and whacked me in the nose. I thought I'd had my nose broken. I was just crying from the pain and Jet was giggling as he had gotten such a huge reaction from me. That made me blink a bit as well. He kept trying to whack my nose, so John took him away until I could recover a bit. I think Jet had gotten a bit too wired and wild.

With a little settling time he was much less crazy. He started playing with his truck, dumping a leather cover to my white noise maker. He ended up tipping the truck onto its nose and left it standing that way by one of the chairs.

He was wiggling and talking a lot when he first nursed, but then fell asleep by the end of the first nipple so deeply I had to wake him up a little to get him to take the second. He went upstairs without any protest. Whew.

Joan called to say that she got in. It'll be good to go back to our old routines. As wonderful as it was to have all the extra help and time, it's nice to have our house to ourselves and to not have to host much at all. It's just nice to be just us again.

Of course, it's all going to get upended pretty quickly with a trip this coming weekend, a trip for the reunion in three weeks, and a Fourth of July weekend in between.

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