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June 28, 2002
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Old Town

Today was really hot. At home we probably would have just stayed home and worked in the relative cool of the indoors. Since we were here in Albuquerque, we went out for most of the hottest parts of the day. Ugh.

It all started out well enough, with hunting down any odd thing for breakfast. Cathie had a gym appointment and then a job interview. So we were to meet her wherever we decided to go. There were jokes about museums which Emili and Yuri did not take all that well. Jet seemed game for anything. He was walking everywhere, though not always where we were going, he was walking a lot and didn't seem to need me to pick him up too often.

The pack of us went into Old Town and started just wandering through a bunch of stores, shops, and boutiques. There were courtyards of shade, flowers, and music amid adobe shops with tin roofs and eclectic junk. We got to see a lot of it. One courtyard had a musician with too loud a setup, but he was playing hollowed out pipes and an electric guitar and Jet really enjoyed the music. He'd dance and sway and move his head to the music and he wanted to stay in the courtyard, so I just sat in a patch of shade and watched him enjoy the music.

Everyone scattered to all the shops and looked around while John called Cathie and she came to the courtyard to find us. From there we shopped some more and Cathie and Emili ducked into several clothing stores with some beautiful stuff. I peered mildly and kept going with the guys, and all of us ended up at a little restaurant in the midst of the shops. We had great food there, and I got an Indian Taco and stole green chilies from everyone else that didn't eat them. Jet got beans and rice and bits of my taco meat and he was pretty content until the end of the meal. He got really cranky and when I picked him up he pulled at my shirt. John could tell Jet was really tired, so while everyone else was finishing up their meals, he ran off to get the backpack.

I nursed Jet right there. I have finally given up any pretence of modesty when it comes to feeding Jet, and so he got his snack right there and he fell deeply asleep right as we finished tallying up the bill. John arrived right then and helped me tuck Jet into the pack and I took the pack for a ride.

We did quite a lot of shopping after lunch as well, and I carried a sleeping Jet through all kinds of stuff. I was happy that he didn't wake up and it was excellent practice for him to sleep through everything. Noise, people, shops, music, shade, and sunshine and Jet just slept away happily. A lady ran up at one point to ask me the brand of the pack, as she'd been looking for one for a very long time, and she was very impressed by the shade. It's actually a rain cover, as the pack is made in Seattle by REI; but here it works well enough as a sunshade, too.

When we were done shopping, Cathie headed to the airport to get Walt and we headed back to Walt and Cathie's. Jet slept on the way home, too. Once we got to their house, though, he woke up and we headed to the pool. I got to drive Cathie's Miata!! That was fun. Emili rode with me, and we had the top down on the way to the pool. Big clouds had gathered in the time it had taken us to get ready for the pool, and when we actually reached the pool there were big growls of thunder. So Emili and I put the top up and went in with the guys. She and I went right through to see where to put our stuff on the other side; but when we got there, the pool was completely empty!!

Turned out the lifeguards decided that with the thunder and lightning it was time to close the pool! About this time a very wet and cold John, Jet, David and Yuri appeared. They'd all done their showers already, and the showers appeared to only have cold water. So Jet was shivering and blue around the lips. Poor kid. And no one was allowed into the pool. So we had to go back home; but we got Jet dried up and warmed up before we even headed back to the car. Luckily the temperature outside was so warm. Jet got happy quickly.

When we got back to the house Walt and Cathie were there. Hoorah! Time for the brothers to talk. Cathie made marinated chicken breasts, and we all played, napped, or enjoyed the shade and rain on the patio. It was fun to watch the thunderstorm roll through. It didn't take long, and then it was dry and nice again.

Jet got to play with a wooden train set that Cathie had bought, more than a decade ago, for Yuri. Jet was very happy to open it up and play with all the trucks, pull all the cage doors off, and make raspberries as the engine went around the brick floor. So he was much happier having his own toys he could play with. He really was able to entertain himself with those and didn't need me nearly as much as he did earlier in the day. I was glad of that.

Dinner was chicken, broccoli, grilled asparagus, and salad. The jerk seasoning rubbed onto the tongs and onto my 'plain' chicken, so that it was spicy enough to make me sweat a little. Jet ate lots of broccoli flowers, he really liked the tender parts of that, and just went through a dozen clumps. I'm glad he really likes that. He ate some bread, drank a lot of milk, and nibbled some things from other people's plates as well.

Afterwards, Jet played with everyone for a while, tried to re-sort Yuri's Magic cards, and eventually went to sleep. When he was asleep, I took a little time to myself and read a Cruise book at the kitchen table, away from everyone. I really needed some time alone. It had been a while. The three weeks with all the parents were good for Jet's care and my work time, but I was already overloaded with interaction with people. Then this big gathering came along, and I'm very overloaded. It's gradually making me very irritable and/or withdrawn and snappy. So I took some time to myself to read.

Then Cathie came by to say that Jet was crying. I asked her where John was and she said she didn't know. Then I heard her go down the hallway, open the door and go, "Oh! I'm sorry..." John was with Jet, and eventually he asked for my help. So I went over and cuddled Jet back to sleep again, and, being tired, I decided it was a good time for me to go to sleep, too.

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