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June 29, 2002
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Pueblo Dance, Swimming, and Good-byes

Various people got up at various times. Jet was first, and John took him out to Cathie, who loaded him up in the backpack. They went next door, borrowed two dogs, and went for an hour-long walk together. It was pretty hot, but with the shade, Jet was just fine. He napped for about half an hour, but was pretty intrigued by the new landscape, the dogs, and the walk itself. Cathie said that she'd felt his feet thumping the frame of the backpack and when she moved his feet so that they didn't hit anymore, he moved them back to keep up the thumping.

Just like when he was on the walk in Eldorado canyon. Jet seems to like thumping the frame in time to the pace of the person carrying him. I'm glad he had such a great time getting a ride in that thing with Cathie.

When they came back Cathie was completely soaked in sweat and Jet was drinking plenty of water. She'd given him water at regular intervals on the road, too. So he was happily hydrated. Even so, he joined the rest of us in our breakfasts. Cathie has a bunch of sippy cups that she actually uses for her morning smoothie on the way to work. Jet got to borrow one of those and he drank nearly eight ounces of banana, strawberry, and other berry smoothie with yogurt and soy milk. Yum. Everyone drank lots for breakfast, it's good to stock up on the liquids in this environment.

When folks were mostly done, Cathie announced that the next door neighbors had a puppy visiting and that everyone could go over and visit with the puppy. We'd go in small batches to not completely overwhelm the dogs and the puppy and so we did. It helped that everyone was gradually getting ready to go out for a Native American dance demonstration and since we were all using the same bathroom, we could only get ready in small batches. So John, Jet, Emili and I went over as one smaller group and Jet got to get down on the ground and let the puppy nibble his fingers. Since they didn't really want the puppy biting Jet, they brought Rusty in and had Jet play with Rusty for a bit, as Rusty is a very gentle lady dog that likes children on the most part.

Jet really enjoyed chasing the puppy, though, and the puppy really enjoyed trying to nibble Jet. The two of them got a few other interactions that delighted both of them and caused consternation for all the big people. Hee. The four other dogs either peered in on the party or avoided all the noise and commotion, according to their natures, and one of the little dogs came in and bounced around at Jet, who chortled and bounced back. He really enjoyed that.

From there we headed out to the pueblo center, and got to see native dances out in the open courtyard. We brought folding chairs, camped out in the shade, and Jet sat in my lap for most of the dancing and was content to sip my water and watch, intently. He'd sway a little to some of the drumming, but he didn't fight to get away or walk or anything. Afterwards, we wandered through the air conditioned gift shops and looked at things. Most of it was behind glass cases, so Jet got to run around and touch or press his nose against the glass to see. There was a book section which had half a dozen books on the Navajo code talkers, following up on Windtalkers' success.

I was tempted until I had to think about carrying these things back. So I didn't buy anything, but enjoyed looking. There were also flutes on sale, ones that looked exactly like the one White Horse plays in the movie. I thought about that, too, but it's been a long time since I've played anything. Better not to have it and then neglect it.

Everyone then piled back into the cars and we went back to the swimming pool we were at yesterday. This time, we found a good place to stash all our stuff before everyone hit the shower and then the pool. I hadn't brought a swim suit so I stayed with all the Stuff and filmed everyone playing with Jet for a lot of the time we were there. Since we've never had film of Jet in the pool in Fredrick, it seemed a good thing to do.

Jet had a blast. He played with everyone that held him. There was also a play center in the middle of the pool that had slides, fountains, and sprayers. John took Jet up to the top of the slide and let him go to Cathie, who caught him at the bottom. Yay! They explored some of the smaller spouts, which fascinated Jet the way pouring water from a cup fascinates him, but it was continuous, so he just played with the water a lot. Cathie also took him under a shower-like thing, and he looked up and patted his head, trying to figure out what was touching him. That was very cute.

The people that weren't playing with Jet wandered to the deep end of the pool and actually swam for a while, as well as hung out together and talked. I kind of regretted my lack of swim suit as it would have been much cooler in the water. Still, I was in the shade and I didn't have to worry about the video camera when I was with it the whole time, so that made up for it pretty well.

Home again, home again, and Jet fell asleep during the car ride home, so I napped with him in the cool dark of our room. I needed that after all the heat and sun.

When I woke up, Cathie put everyone to work and I helped with the soup and other things. It was a cold, green soup with potatoes, onions, peas, and other things in it, all cooked and then blended and then cooled together. Yuri had Jackie Chan's The Legend of the Drunken Master on the TV, and I stopped by there to watch. Jet watched pretty intently as well, and he was making stances and jumping and yelling with the best of them.

The movie was done when dinner was served. Served cold, the soup was wonderful in the heat. Jet loved the soup. He spooned down a great deal of it, and didn't waste a drop. Next was an asparagus risotto, and then grilled salmon, done as much as we wanted it to be done. So I had mine medium rare, warm but translucent in the center. It was really delicious. Dessert was a custard peach pie. The peaches were wonderful.

When everything was eaten and cleaned up folks sat around and talked for a while.

Jet played with his wooden train set for a good long while, and then with anyone that wanted to play. In just the few days that he'd been there, he'd gotten comfortable with his suddenly extended family. Not that he wanted to be held by anyone, much, still, but he would play with just about everyone and feel secure enough to run around the house and the back yard without having to be held by me the whole time. I was glad of that.

It definitely gives me some hope that when we're in Seattle for the reunion and anniversary that he'll adjust after a couple of days and be content to just run around and play with or without me.

When Jet was really cranky and tired, we said our good-byes to everyone. Jet happily waved at folks and said, "Bye! Bye! Bye!" as we headed to our bedroom. He nursed and had troubles getting to sleep. He didn't want to lie in the car seat, and he didn't want to be on the floor. So I finally laid him down on the bed and lay down with him until his breathing evened out and he seemed to be out. I put pillows on either side of him so that it would provide at least a little resistance if he should try to roll over the sides, and hoped when I left.

I was only out with folks for another half an hour, as everyone was getting to bed. Dave and his kids had a 6 am flight, so they'd be up at an ungodly hour. So we said good-night to them and let them finish their packing and everything. When we got back to our room, Jet was snoring in the middle of the bed, and we were able to move him to his pad on the floor. He didn't wake up and he seemed to like being in the stream of air from the swamp cooler. So we all went to sleep.

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