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June 1, 2003
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Happy Jet

A busy, fun day, today. John started the morning off by making his from-scratch waffles. I really like them a lot. Jet ate one and a half squares!! He'd been up since early, which was something of a problem when he asked to nurse just before we went to church. He nearly fell asleep and was pretty unhappy when I woke him up.

We got to church, and Jet saw the playground just outside the main building. He really wanted to go play there, and got very upset when we had to pick him up to get him inside. Once we got him to the quiet room, he was still pretty clingy. He just hung onto me for quite a while until the trucks came out. Then he went and played with the trucks, and was very happy with that.

The funny thing was that a lady who was there for the whole thing asked us if Jet was *always* happy. And I had to giggle. I guess he seems pretty much always happy to other people That's a cool thing.

After the service, Jet was quite happy. He ran into the fellowship area chanting, "Cake! Cake! Cake!" He got chocolate cake. They doing confirmations today. There were five kids getting confirmed, and they had a huge chocolate cake for them. So Jet got to eat two big chunks of cake and THEN he got to play in the playground with both of us.


Of course, with all that he fell asleep a bare block from the church. I got to go to Safeway and get through my list without Jet to distract me. John got gas, filled up the tires, and drove through the car wash while I shopped and Jet slept. Then we headed towards home. On the way we stopped at a garden shop and John went in to buy me four bags of composted steer manure for my vegetable/herb plot. I needed to add something to the local clay to grow things with, and John wasn't averse to asking them what it was that I needed.

When we got home, Jet got put into the bedroom and John and I had bao for lunch and steamed the last of the sticky rice for Jet. That was pretty easy. I went outside to plant my Mother's Day plant, the purple flowers had gone and come again with enough water, but the dirt in the tiny pot didn't hold much water at all. So I stuck them into the wooden plant box that I had used, last year, for my herbs. I just dug up the old earth with all the crushed, dead leaves from last fall.

I watered the tomatoes, too, and found that they'd grown tall enough that they need another tie. They're already taller than the sticks that I'd bound them to, which were each a foot and a half tall! So that's pretty cool. I'll need to build them cages eventually, so that there will be something to support the fruit.

Jet woke up while I was doing all that and helped me with the various watering duties, including watering his boots. That was pretty funny.

I made dinner while John and Jet played with the neighbor boys. It was just a chile cheeseburger casserole, with cheddar sauce, ground beef with onions, garlic, and chili powder. It was bubbling nicely in the oven when I went outside to grill asparagus. When the boys came in to eat, Jet wouldn't eat anything but ice and a bar of ramen noodles. He didn't even want them cooked, he just gnawed on the raw bar of noodles.

After dinner, we watched Food TV and I really enjoyed the Summer Unwrapped. It's just fun to see what's available around the country. Jet got bored pretty quickly and started using me as monkey bars. He climbed my legs and hung between them. He would trust me to catch his head when he swung that through, and moved his hands around to hook and hang. He really liked that. He climbed, swung, and finally fell through and hit his head on the rocking chair. Oops.

A good kiss on the noggin and he was far happier again. He even let John brush his teeth while I took his picture. I think that the flash distracted him from being so mad about the whole thing.

He went to sleep very quickly, so I got to have some chrysanthemum tea and watch Michael Palin in the Sahara. Mmm... nice evening

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