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May 31, 2003
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Finding Nemo

7:36 pm: A very busy day today. We ran around a lot and did quite a few things that I hadn't thought we'd get around to so soon.

We were all up by 7:30, which was amusing. I guess our usual schedule is starting to make its mark. John, poor guy got up at 4:30 to take care of Jet, and never did get back to sleep. Jet did, until about 7:15. I stayed asleep until 7:30. We watched Jackie Chan while John ran off to Erie and bought pastries. John and I got croissants while Jet got an apple fritter. Jet ate half of it! Pretty handily even.

At 8:30 I headed down to CeLena's and got a massage. I needed it badly. Parts of it were quite pleasant, as she did some balancing work on the rest of my body, but we really concentrated on my problem arm and my shoulders. I really needed that badly, but it hurt like heck. I made another appointment for next Friday as I could tell that things were loosening up.

When I got home, John ran to the bank to deposit everything from yesterday. Then I ran to the Carbon Valley Rec. Center to try and buy the 12 entry punch cards. They were supposed to be one at half price if you bought one at full price, but when I got there, I saw a huge crowd on the football field of the school there. When I arrived at the center, itself, the parking lot was full. I found one spot, parked in it, walked in and found that the center was closed for the day because of the graduation. Oops.

So I can't get The Deal, and I'm not that unhappy. It's a good reason not to get a long-term commitment to the center. I think I have to figure something else out with my arms, be it going back to do the physical therapy I used to do, or figuring out an aerobic exercise at home that actually uses my arms that I can do on a more frequent basis and without depending on someone else being around or open or on my schedule working out or something.

Anyway. I came home and we all went out into the yard to work on it. I have a small plot that I was planning on pulling all the weeds out of and then turning it with some organic material to make it into a bit of a garden. I have a bunch of herbs that need to be planted, and I have all those tomato plants. I'd originally been thinking of just planting them in pots, but there are enough of them and they're getting big enough that I thought it might be better to plant them in their own plot and there's plenty of land.

Jet came out with me to play in his sand box and we had a good time for a while with the solar powered radio going full-blast while we dug in our respective play areas. It was pretty cool.

The neighbors came home about then, and Sam and Ben started running around, so Jet wanted to go over there. He went over there and ignored both boys for their trucks and their sand box. They immediately asked to come over to our side of the fence and played in Jet's sandbox. Jet ended up on their trampoline, surrounded by half a dozen of their toys and contentedly bouncing the toys around him. I had to get Band-Aids for their boys. Ah well. I dug up all the weeds over a plot that straddled one of the drip irrigation lines. Roy told me that I could use his rototiller, which is a four foot wide thing that can go down a foot, but given how few plants I was really planning on doing, it seemed like huge overkill. I think my plot is, at most, four feet by six feet. I don't think I need too much more than that.

So I just dug it all up by hand. Just a big shovel and a bit of leg power. My right arm doesn't feel very good, but it felt better with some big work to do. I sweated well. John mowed. He also cleaned out a good five gallons of dark green gunk from under the lawn mower, that was probably a mix of grass, dirt, and other stuff. I mixed that into my plot along with a few gallons of compost I had left over from a couple of years ago, so I'm pretty sure it's well decomposed. Afterwards, both of us showered while Jet asked to watch "Stitch! Stitch!" (which makes me think about whom he feels is the most important character in the movie) and we had some lunch while he refused to nap. It was already nearly 2 by the time we were done with lunch.

So I ended up nursing him after all that, and he went to sleep. We strapped him in and took him off to Westminster to the movie theater there. He woke up pretty grumpy half way there, yelling, "Owie! Owie!" and digging in his mouth. I guess he has a tooth coming in or something. But he only got a forty-five minute nap, and was pretty grumpy when we headed into the theater. In fact, when we finally got into the theater and John walked off to go to the restroom and get something to eat, Jet started to cry and scream because he wanted to get down and WALK!! I think he wanted to follow John, but since I really couldn't leave everything and go after him to do it, I finally offered to nurse him. He took that. He just lay in my lap and watched everything he could watch and still be latched on.

John arrived with popcorn and pop, but that wasn't enough to get him to let go. The instant the commercials lit up the screen and started moving, though, he was up in an instant and watching intently. He wouldn't leave my lap, though, and he was tired enough I didn't force that issue. He half lay in my lap but whenever John looked at him, his eyes were wide, wide open. He loved the previews, "Again? Again?" and then he watched the whole movie and at the end, he smiled and said, "Again?"

So he liked it. He drank pop during it. He did hop up at a few points, and leaned against the back of the chair in front of me. I think he might have kicked that chair as well a few times before I caught him at it and pulled him away. He also might have touched the hair of the girl in that seat, too, as she kind of shrunk down. But he was pretty much fascinated by the whole thing, and loved it all. I enjoyed it a lot, too. I was glad we did that.

Afterwards, we had pizza and ice cream, and Jet ate a bunch of pepperoni and about a third of his ice cream. He was pretty happy and pretty tired, as he also played in the fountains that were there, got completely soaked, got changed, and then got to have his ice cream. So he got in a really full afternoon. He liked watching the other kids chase each other around the fountain, and when he finally got brave, he just walked right through all the fountains. He didn't run, he didn't dodge, he just walked through all the columns of water and got thoroughly soaked and thoroughly happy. I changed him while we were waiting for ice cream. Of course, he got ice cream all over his extra set of clothing. So he was pretty sticky.

When we went home, he was okay with it. John's given him a bath. "No sticky!" There was rain while we were away, and the sunny, hot afternoon while we were all digging and gardening, has become a very cool evening with a gold and gray sunset to the west. The air is lovely and humid. But even writing this much has gotten my shoulders and arms to ache. Ah well.

We'll see if steady massages help more. Or if there are things that I can do at work to help things out. I think that there are

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