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June 2, 2003
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Gooey Ball

A pretty quiet Monday. I got all five hours in, in the morning, as Jet slept for nearly two hours after coming home. So that was easy. Then I had an unexpected meeting at 3:30. At 4:30 we left for the Rec. Center, and met John there.

Jet found a gooey ball, pulled it in half and dipped the half into rocks on the drive way, and then started getting very unhappy every time he lost a rock. When we dropped him off at the child care, he was very obsessed with it, and wouldn't let it go while we were there. John and I did exercises, and I did a few extra things with weights for my arms. They were exercises I'd done for physical therapy when I had had carpal tunnel problems.

It's pretty clear that I've lost some capabilities in my right arm. Things hurt that shouldn't, and I need to do something specific about it.

We swam afterwards, and Jet had a blast, as usual. Running around, diving in the water any which way, and we hit the lazy current for a while, and Jet floated with John. He rode my back for a while, too, and rode John's back for a while in the play pool. We didn't even try doing the slide staircase, this time around, which was something of a relief for me. Jet had a little water ball, too, that he liked to throw and then chase down and throw again. That was really cool.

We all went to the Pumphouse for dinner, and both John and I ended up chasing Jet around the restaurant at various times. He stayed in the booth for French fries, he ate nearly a whole basket of them without touching the chicken. Oops. But he ate quite a bit, with the skins, so that was not a bad thing. But while waiting for stuff, it was hard to keep him occupied. But we also didn't leave until quarter 'til 9, so he fell asleep only blocks away from the Rec. Center, after we picked up the second car to head home.

So he was fast asleep when we got home. We changed him, and I brushed his teeth, which only woke him up enough that he wanted to nurse for about two minutes before he was fast asleep again.

It was nice to have the early evening for once, but I was really tired, too. So I just went to sleep soon after Jet. I needed it

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