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June 7, 2003
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Planting Tomatoes and Shopping with Jet

4:22 pm: Jet and I are at the Northridge playground. I'm trying to get him to tire out a bit before tackling Safeway on a Saturday. It's been a full day and it's only two-thirds over.

I went to sleep early and got up at 5 with Jet, but I expected him to go back to sleep because he hadn't gone to sleep until 10:30 or so. I had gone to sleep at 11:30, and didn't like getting up that early. John got up at 6 and offered to take over. I let him. I went back to sleep for another three hours and felt mildly better. When I did get up, John had scones ready and I ate them while John went out to mow the lawn.

Jet and I played inside and watched cartoons for a while. That was pretty fun. He really loves Loonytoons and it's fun to share them with him.

Eventually, though, we did make it outside. We each played in our respective dirt piles. He in his sand box while I planted all the tomato plants. The weather had improved from last night and it was actually sunny and warm! So I happily planted all the plants into the plot and found that it was just enough room for them all. So there really isn't any room for my herbs. I'll have to figure something else out for them.

It was fun to plant them. The earth that I'd turned with the compost was really soft and easy to dig through. All the rain from last night has softened up even the clay and made it easier to get through. It smelled, wonderfully, of rain and earth. I kept turning up earthworms, too, which is a good sign. I'm glad that they're in there! It was so satisfying to dig in the earth that I'd darkened, deep enough for the plants (which had roots showing at the bottom of each root ball), and bury them in the stuff. I'm a little concerned at the amount of clay in the earth. It's not going to drain well, and I am a little worried that the tomato roots might rot in the stuff. The compost should help with that, though maybe adding a bag of sand would have been even better. We'll see.

Jet, once he figured out what I was doing, came over to play in the dirt pile, too. He started digging out one of the plants and took a whole side out before I figured out what he was doing. I told him that I really didn't want him to do that and put it all back again. He didn't seem to mind that much. But he picked up a handful of dirt to study it. I caught him bringing it to his mouth and told him that it was yucky. He tasted it anyway and then spit it out, agreeing that it was, indeed, yucky. I'm glad that he did agree.

He helped me water everything, including the herbs that were in pots outside as well. He had fun telling me that I'd missed a spot in the chive box. I used to tell him that he'd missed a spot in the box when he was watering it.

When we finally came inside, it was noon. Jet was pretty tired. John was working at the kitchen desk. He said that if Jet napped he'd nap, too, and Jet immediately asked to nurse. He went right to sleep. John followed him.

I went upstairs and posted all of May. It was straightforward enough, and my stretching software reminded me to stretch at a regular basis. I really liked that. Instead of having it do it by time, I had it count, this time, by keystrokes. So that was very cool. There were definitely times when I didn't want to do the stretching quite yet, but I could delay it for five minutes. I didn't, though. I just did it whenever the reminder popped up and felt much better after all the journal work than I usually do.

Jet got up before John did. I fed him ramen and some chips and he was very happy. I ate ramen myself. When John got up he said that the Lord Stanley's Cup Playoffs was going to be at 6 tonight. I thought I wanted pizza for dinner, but when John started working and it was obvious that he really needed to get stuff done, I retracted my desire. Instead, Jet and I packed up to go to the park and then go grocery shopping.

So here we are! And it's sunny, bright, and beautiful here. Jet's playing pretty happily, so I really can work here while he's playing. That's good to know. I've only had to get up once to help him up some of the odder climbing apperati. He loves them but doesn't know quite how to get from the climbers to the platforms. So he needs a bit of help with that last step.

10:28 pm: The playground strategy worked out well. Jet was very happy when we finally left. He was just smiling hugely and chuckling to himself as we drove off to Safeway.

Once in the store, I offered the play truck cart, and he climbed right in. I strapped him into it, which is unusual for him. He protested for a bit, but then drove around happily with the steering wheel. By the time we got through all the produce, he was ready to do something else, and demanded to walk. I got lucky and there was a box of sample cookies out by the end of the produce section. I gave Jet a chocolate chip cookie and he ate it. He ate it very slowly, so I was able to get everything else on my list and get through the checkout line without any more protest!

That was very impressive, as he usually gets tired of cookies a few minutes into them. I think that the playground time helped.

The bagger helped me out, as I asked him to. I found that when I'm with Jet it's much, much, much better to have an extra pair of arms and eyes. I could get Jet into the car without having to leave him in it while I loaded the groceries and put the cart back. It's one of those simple courtesies that I now take advantage of. I was glad I did. Jet didn't have any problems with it all as he was still working on his cookie.

Even when he finished the cookie on the way home, he was quite content. He put his hands behind his head. He watched the world as it went by and seemed pretty happy. When we got home, John put away the freezer and fridge stuff while Jet and I played outside some more. he and I went out to the sandbox again for a while. I finally had to lure him back inside with the promise of pop.

So he got a good deal of root beer before dinner. John sprayed Roundup all over the dirt driveway while Jet and I made BBQ chicken, baked beans, and grilled asparagus. When John came in and washed his hands thoroughly, he used the last of the fresh mozzarella in the capresi salad. It was great, again.

Dinner turned out wonderful. The chicken was smoky and crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside. The asparagus was very tasty. The beans added a smoky sweetness and I just loved their texture. Jet wouldn't eat anything. I was kind of sad about him not eating beans anymore, as he used to love them. But he really wanted potato chips. I offered him chicken nuggets and he took a truck and started pounding the nuggets into the carpet. Oops. He wouldn't eat any more ramen. Maybe I should have offered him another cheese sandwich. But he wouldn't eat any of that. He ended up with chips, ice cream, and milk. Ah well. A battle to fight another day.

It took long enough that he didn't get to sleep until 10. He did drag down all the cushions and use them as mini trampolines to burn off even more energy. So he went to sleep very easily when it was time. Now I'm watching a bit of Iron Chef, writing the last of this, and drinking some chrysanthemum tea. I also had a shot of Bailey's. There's enough literature now on the medical benefits of having a serving or two of alcohol every day that I thought I should really start. It might help with all the stress problems I'm having with my shoulders and arms.

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