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June 6, 2003
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Filling In

8:47 pm: It's Friday, and I'm very, very glad. Very glad.

A pretty quiet day. Cloudy to start, then sunny, and then a huge thunderstorm blew in with huge splatter-rain, big wind, and lots of thunder and lightening.

I worked. Joan didn't bring Jet home until 12:30, and I put him down for his nap. I worked some more. I ate my pot pie lunch when the alarm went off for me to get to my massage.

The massage was better than it was last week. It didn't hurt nearly as much though there were some really painful points, still. Some of it was even in the left arm, now, as I've been using it a lot more to compensate for the right hand and it has been feeling it. It's very clear, now that it's tendentious in my right thumb or the muscles in my forearm that control and give strength to my right thumb. So it's pretty clear that it was a combination of the track ball and scroll button for the thumb, my knitting, and recent Playstation stuff hasn't helped it much.

But the stretches this week and the massage and the swimming seem to have helped. Even without the swim aerobics, so I may not need to take that up again while I'm doing the Longmont Rec. Center so religiously with John and Jet. It's just so much more fun.

Jet and I played outside for a while in the afternoon after I had my massage. He played in his sandbox while I played in my dirt patch. I turned in the last bag of composted manure while Jet used his train to dig some of it up. I also moved my tomatoes over from the far side of the house so that they can get used to the area.

Of course, as soon as I started digging, it started to thunder, lightening, and, eventually, rain. So Jet and I headed inside. John was mowing, but when it started really coming down, he came in as well. It wasn't quite time for dinner, so the three of us went downstairs and played Bandicoot. I actually got to play this time, because one of the new warps was at the end of one of the chase levels that I kind of specialize in.

So I played that, John played for a while, and then I got to play the hardest level that was left in the game. I was pretty impressed. It was a ride-the-bear level and it took all forty lives that I had to get through it. Wow. But we got the jewel and had gotten all the boxes, and now we're just two percent away from the end of the game. John figured out how to get the next to last gem, and we'll probably try that again another day, as we were all pretty tired by then.

Dinner was spaghetti and meatballs, though the sauce was an olive, basalmic, and tomato sauce that was very, very tasty. I had ordered it from The Flying Noodle, and it was so good I should probably get it again. John loved the tiny green and black olives and it was very pungent with large capers. I actually liked the olives in it, which is very unusual for me.

John took the fresh moz, a vine ripe tomato, and a branch off of one of my basil plants and made caprise salad. The off-the-plant basil was so fragrant! I was very, very glad that I'd decided to grow my own this year. It was really yummy. And the salad provided a much needed pruning. We still have half the cheese, so we'll get to eat this again tomorrow. Yum. The rest of the basil I did a very fine chiffonade with and sprinkled it over our pasta. Yum.

I've spent the rest of the evening filling in past journal entries. I actually found a few in my paper journal from April. I might backfill a few, like the day we came home from Seattle, but my hands are pretty tired just filling in last Sunday and today. So I may well just leave the on-line version as I posted it last weekend. The backfilling is what really kills me. Doing a little bite every day hurts a lot less.

Posting May will be a bit of a job, too, but I have them all loaded onto my old machine. I have to spell check it and then post it and put titles on it. Then I might as well get June next weekend. Hee. It'll be a full two weeks by then.


I've been drinking the almond Oaxacan chocolate lately, and I think it's really good. I like it at least as much as the semi-sweet. It's got the added depth of toasted almonds, though, and I really enjoy that. The semi-sweet, though, is very intense, and I enjoy it for its own sake. I do wonder, though, what the sweet chocolate tastes like. The only problem is that it only comes in a four pound box and I wonder what happens if I don't like it? Maybe I should buy the sweet while I still have the unsweetened chocolate around? It might round it out or something if I really can't take the sugar level of the fully sweet chocolate. I could probably mail a wheel or two to people I like, too. Just so long as it's not in the heart of summer it should mail okay.

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