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June 8, 2003
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The Quiet Room

9:55 pm: Church from the perspective of the Quiet Room is very, very different from the perspective of the pews. I think I might actually like it better. It's definitely less conducive to introspection and being far too self-involved. Hee.

We started with six kids, but after the kid's message all but two left for the kid's service. So we ended up with just Jet and Gracie, who was a little girl just two months older than Jet. She didn't like being away from her Mom, but she liked getting hugged by John and getting read to, and she ended up just cuddled up in John's lap, listening. That was very cool.

Afterwards Jet ate cake, though it was more the frosting than the cake, drank lemonade and ate cookie. He'd had a very good breakfast of pancake and orange juice at Mina's, so I wasn't worried. We'd gone there to see what a Mexican breakfast was like, and it was good but really unusual. I had chorizo, eggs, and beans with rice. The chorizo was so spicy I ate half of it and gave John the other half. It was very tasty, though. John had potatoes and eggs with bacon and chilies, and it was good, too, but both of us definitely decided it wasn't our type of 'comfort food'.

After eating his snack, Jet played and played and played. Erik, a bigger kid, chased him around the church over and over and the two of them ran everywhere, even through a meeting. Oops. They ran inside, outside, and around the kitchen and through the empty sanctuary. They giggled and really enjoyed playing with each other. Finally, Eric had to go, so Jet and I went to the playground and played there while John got the diaper bag. There was a lot of gravel there so his sandals were not the best shoes. So I took them off him and he pussyfooted his way across the gravel. He had a great time climbing and sliding, and he didn't complain at all about his bare feet. That was very cool.

With all the playing, Jet went to sleep fairly quickly on the way home. He slept for a good two hours, and John got a chance to watch "Hero". I replanted my garlic chives after the third story. I had no desire to see the end again.

Jet woke up while I was still replanting my chives. I'd pulled the marjoram out of the herb box. So there was extra room for the chives, which needed it. Sadly, I think that the full sunshine of the plot will dry them out too badly to plant them out there. But they'll do better with some extra space, and there was a whole lot of baby plants off the main plants already, so they were pretty happy in the box, I think. It was good to split them out, though, and I think that they'll do better now, though they all looked kind of sad by the time I was done.

Jet was up and watching Lilo and Stitch when I got back in and he was kind of grumpy and laggy. I made him a smoothie with soy yogurt, cranberry juice, banana and peaches. He drank it all. I was very impressed by that. So he definitely got his fruit and beans in today. I was glad of that.

We played. We did laundry, and we watched Stitch rescue Lilo. That was cool. When the movie finished, we went down into the basement and figured out which gem we were still missing. When John got it, we got to see the real ending to Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back! It wasn't really that much more than the ending that one gets when one gets all the crystals, but it was cool to see it. When it was done, the game was over, so it was very cool that John saved the game right before we saw the Ultimate End. So Jet now has a 100% finished game for CB2!

That was quite the accomplishment of the last month. We've been playing for a while, and it was really nice to figure it all out.

At 5:30 we went out to the Outback and had dinner. Jet surprised me by not only eating some of the dinner bread that came to start, but also by eating three pieces of broccoli along with his usual fries. Yay!

From there we went back to the guy that had bought John's Range Rover, as he'd gotten plates. By getting John's old plates back, he would be able to get a credit for any other vehicle he might licensee. That was pretty cool. When he got back to the car, he opened the back door and said, "Here you go, Jet." and closed the door.

Jet replied, unheard by John, "Oh! Thank you!" And then he reached towards the plates, "Mine?" he asked. So I handed him a plate. He grinned big and started playing with it. He used it as a shade, and flipped it, and stuck his fingers in all the holes, and did all kinds of things with it. He really enjoyed playing with it. That was very cool.

We drove towards home. Halfway there, John asked, "He isn't picking the stickers off the plate is he?" I looked back and Jet was busily pulling off an '01 sticker from the plate. Oops. Luckily, there were two other, whole stickers on the seat next to him. Whew. He'd peeled them all off, but the '01 was on bare metal and wasn't coming off so easily. So I took away the sticker plate and gave him a plain one until we got to the Northridge park.

John found that the year stickers were just fine. That was good to know. And then we played in the park until the mosquitoes came out and started biting me.

It was fun until then. Jet had many kids come by that he could play with. The sprinklers started out weak enough that they didn't hit the things that he wanted to play with. So he got to climb, slide, and ride the spring ponies no problem. A guy with an electric radio controlled plane came through and flew his plane through all kinds of acrobatics. Jet first through it was a bird, but eventually said that it was a plane. When the plane was swooping, diving and doing all kinds of stunts the local birds thought that it meant that the insects were out, and they joined the plane for a while even before I got bit.

That was cool to see.

Jet climbed a few things that he needed a spotter for; but on the whole he played well within his capabilities. I was glad of that. When the mosquitoes came out, I went into the car. The sprinklers got stronger and stronger as other sprinklers were turning off, either in the par or along the same water system. and it ended up getting Jet's slide pretty wet. So when he went down it, he ended up sitting in a puddle of water. He just smiled at John and then started piling sand into the puddle.

He didn't get to slide down that slide again.


He found a four-year-old girl to chase back and forth between the baseball field where people were playing catch and the playground. They ran back and forth and back and forth and I could see Jet just running like crazy. That was good.

He was pretty tired by the time he got home. He drank his milk, got changed, and drew for a while with John. He got pretty upset, though, every time he wasn't allowed to do exactly what he wanted to do. Oops. But John and Jet brushed Jet's teeth. John used the trick I'd learned the last couple of times. I would sit Jet by the light switches and so long as Jet could control the lights and the fan he was okay with getting his teeth brushed.


Even more of a relief, Jet nursed really well before going to sleep. He was going to sleep nearly an hour earlier than usual. I needed that as he hadn't really nursed all day, and he hadn't really emptied the right side all of yesterday or today. So it was quite a relief. I was very glad of the time and the fact that Jet stayed awake until he was nearly done with the second side. That's unusual but was very welcome by me.

It was a pretty warm day. So we had to open everything up for the evening. It's now cold enough downstairs that it'll be good to close things up. I have to remember to water the tomatoes and peppers tomorrow, too, as it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, too. With that much heat it'll be good to be sure that the tomatoes are good and soaked. I also want to plant some cilantro, too.

So I have plans for tomorrow. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about work for the rest of this month. I'm going to be very happy to have the whole month off. Not only in terms of work, but also to allow my hands and arms to heal. It'll be good to be away. I'll only have this journal to upkeep and it's not all the intensive mouse work that I do for work. That should help significantly. I can always relax and lean back when I'm using the Stowaway. That should be good.

We're starting some of the planning for the trip. We have a rough itinerary done and we have to figure out who is going to be where when. WE have a rough list of what we have to bring. I keep adding to it. We'll see how it goes. It includes a full list of things we have to buy while we're on the West Coast. Hee.

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