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June 13, 2003
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Eating Jet, Freddi Fish, and Stretches

10:22 pm: For all the times that I've complained about how little Jet ate, I should also record the times when he really eats and surprises me with his choices in a very positive manner.

For dinner, Jet ate half a quesadilla and then he had ice cream with John and I. John went to sleep early and after John was asleep, Jet started shouting, "Cookie! Cookies! Cookies!" So I tried to hand him a sugar covered molasses cookie. He pushed it away. He not only pushed it away, he grabbed it and threw it. It was obvious that he saw it and knew what it was. He grabbed it and threw it away.

He then went to the pantry and pulled out a block of ramen and insisted, "Cookie! Cookie! Cook it!"

So cook it I did. I cooked half a block of ramen and he ate most of it while drinking his cup of warm milk. He just slurped them down. And then cried like crazy when I brushed his teeth. But when I was done, he picked up the light blue finger brush, dabbed mango flavored clear baby tooth gel on it, and brushed his tongue completely. *giggles*

Jet is brushing his own tongue, and he'll bite the brush but he won't brush his teeth.

Earlier today he was digging around the bathroom drawer and dug out a package of dental floss. He managed to open it with some coaching, and then asked what it was for. So I pulled off a piece and flossed between a few of his teeth for him. He was very surprised by that to start, and then pulled away. In fact, he walked out the door after that. I guess it's one way to keep him from digging through bathroom stuff.

John was up when Jet was up, at 4:50 this morning. Ugh. I took Jet to Joan's at 8, and John worked. I went to work, did my meetings, and came home at noon to find Jet and John both still awake. That surprised me mildly, but when I nursed Jet, he fell asleep inside five minutes. Wow. So I put him down to sleep, and he slept until 3, nearly exactly. He had a good two and a half hour nap, which improved my work times significantly for the week, especially given how Monday had gone.

When he did get up, we nursed.

First thing in the morning, Jet had asked to nurse, and when he did, I noticed, sitting outside the window of the livingroom was a medium sized brown bird. It was sitting perpendicular to the railing just outside the window, with its tail stuck out for balance. This afternoon, when I nursed him after his nap, the same bird was there, in exactly the same position. That worried me.

While it might have been napping in the morning, for it to stay there all day was a little scary. What it if was injured or sick? Nothing was leaking out of it, though, which ruled out injured. Then, when Jet was nursing the second time, I saw the bird sway in a gust of wind. It then got up and waddled around to face into the wind again and went back to sleep. It was a relief to see it actually get up and turn, quite steadily, into the wind. By late afternoon, it was gone, so I was worried for nothing, yet again. Yay!

We spent most of the afternoon playing, wandering about the yard watering random plants, and then taking a look at Jet's new Freddi Fish game. It's far, far more complex than the game we'd gotten so far, but it's still pretty understandable. The map isn't that much bigger, and it's kind of nice to have everyone and everything connected in some way. The earlier one had only a few people with key items. It looks, also, from the flyer, that there are even more new adventures and combinations of stuff to be played. Jet liked it enough that he refused to leave the chair for the whole game. He fought and kicked and yelled like crazy when John or I tried to change him.

Dinner was leftovers. Lunch was canned chile. We're gradually clearing the fridge and house out of food. I think I'm going to limit us to only buying milk and fresh vegetables or fruit this weekend. Period. That's it. We have a freezer and pantry and fridge full of stuff that needs to be eaten before we leave for a month, and if I can't be imaginative enough to do that I should hand in my knife and pans.

My arms ached today. Both of them. I've been doing so much mouse work with my left hand that it's starting to ache, too. Bah. But I did get the purchase req. from my boss, so I handed that to IT and they'll shepherd that through. It's good to know that it's going somewhere, even if it's slow.

When I got home, I had a box from Amazon, which included all my stretching books. One of them was a surprise. It's Overcoming Repetitive Motion Injuries the Rossiter Way. It turns out that this Rossiter is a Rolfing practitioner that took it a few steps further, by developing deep techniques that anyone can do with a friend. He designed them by helping out his customers with bad repetitive motion problems. The basic idea is that all the connective tissue surrounding the muscles gets all bunched up under the stress of doing the same, small thing over and over and over again under very fine control. The solution is to give those fibers a way to loosen up.

Given that I'm not having any nerve problems, yet, and the main indicator, for me, is muscle pain, this seemed like a great theory. So John and I read the upper body stretches, and we cleared some room in the livingroom, while Jet was watching his Goofy movie. We started on my 'good' side, as the book suggested, just so I could figure out if it would help at all. Sure enough, my left arm now feels looser than it has since CeLena last worked it over.

When John started on my right arm, though, Jet went berserk. He decided that John was hurting me and that it had to stop. So he actually tackled John, pushing him away from me and yelling, "No! No! No! Go away! Go away!"


Little gnat boy tackles the huge guy in *my* defense? Made me nearly cry. I hugged Jet thoroughly, we stopped entirely. We'll have to do this when Jet's napping tomorrow or something, as the relief in my left arm is such that this is going to be well worth it. It's probably the only way I'm going to beat this without paying CeLena obscene amounts of money over all. But it was... astonishing... to have Jet defend me so fiercely.

Jet was crying pretty hard, and fiercely angry. He took a good deal of hugging. John went to sleep, as he's been up way too long. He got hugging, too, from both Jet and I. All was well when Jet ate his ramen and went to sleep. I guess the little guy used a lot of energy in all that.

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