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June 14, 2003
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Toilet Paper and Local Strawberries

5:30 pm: This morning, while I was still asleep, John found Jet in the bathroom right off the laundry room. Jet had unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper. It was lying in a large pile at his feet. John didn't say anything that, but watched quietly as Jet pulled the cardboard tube off the end of the paper. Jet also pulled the wooden dowel out of the center of the tube, and put it back. He then started to patiently rolled paper onto the wooden dowel.

Half an hour later, when I went into the bathroom, I found a loosely rolled roll of toilet paper on the wall. Jet had rolled the entire roll back up. I was very impressed.

John and I had a baked pancake for breakfast, and Jet decided to eat his Apple Jacks look alike cereal. I had half a pint of blueberries, which I enjoyed very much. John and I ate them with plain yogurt on the baked pancake. After we all fueled up, packed up and headed into the Boulder Farmer's Market. There was no particular thing we had to get, but I really wanted to just visit and see what there was to see. Jet cheerfully rode John's shoulders on the way in, and then wanted down to explore himself.

We had a great time. Just walked all the way down to the far end and then came back, buying all the things that we'd spotted and wanted to buy. This included a nice, huge loaf of seed covered whole grain bread, Rainier cherries (that were a bit unripe, sadly), a pint of local strawberries, and some nasturtium flowers. Jet decided, at about this point, that he had to play with a bunch of cars and trucks he'd brought along for himself. So he sat down in the middle of the foot traffic and proceeded to play right in the middle of the market.

I picked him and his trucks up and took them all to a mildly safer place on some steps behind some of the booths. He was happy playing there while John went off to buy a smoothie for the three of us. I snuck a strawberry from the bag of strawberries and when Jet discovered them, he started eating them while playing with his cars. Then he stopped playing and just ate strawberries. Hee. He really liked them.

The strawberries were very small, delicate, and sweet. They were also intensely fragrant and fragile compared to the California berries that get shipped out there. These were organic as well as local, and they were wonderful tasting. I was impressed that Jet knew such a good thing when he tasted it, and let him eat as many of them as he wanted. Along with the smoothie and he was set for fruit goodness for the day.

We headed back to the van and went home. Jet napped while John and I went and did the Rossiter stretches. It was hard work. It's nearly as painful as going through CeLena's massages, but since it was all under my control and I could tell John how much pressure to use or not use, it was actually a lot easier to take than CeLena's manipulations. It also, amazingly, loosened everything up. I was amazed at how good it all felt when we were done, especially with the shoulder stretches that got my whole neck and shoulders loosened up.

Instead of joining Jet for a nap, I did the one mile workout for the Walking to Fitness DVD. It was pretty cool. Simple enough, but strenuous enough to feel good. Though it was getting warm enough that I sweated pretty well. John was out in the garage doing car work. Jet got up just as I finished my little workout. So I nursed him and then we got some lunch together for him.

I feel asleep on the couch soon after John came in from the car work. I was pretty tired, I guess. John and I just had leftovers for dinner, though that was pretty posh. Chicken, asparagus, the last of some old mac and cheese, beans, and toasted bread from the market today. The seed bread toasted up beautifully, crisp on the edges and soft on the center. Yum.

Jet ate some bread, but refused everything else, and played. It was good.

John went to sleep early, as he hadn't had the nap, and tomorrow's Dad's Day so I'll probably be doing the early morning stuff, too. We'll see. I did, however, get John's cards out. Both the one that Jet made him and the one I made him while he was out with the cars today. Had to hook my laptop up to the Epson printer, and it worked out really nicely.

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