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June 12, 2003
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Jodie's, Swimming, and Chinese Buffet

Jet slept the whole night last night! Hoorah!

I guess everything added up, from going to the playground all morning to the party he didn't get to participate in as much as he wanted. So the morning went very quietly. John took him over to Jodie's and Joan called up to ask me if she could pick him up. So I said sure! I got plenty of work in because of that.

The one thing that I forgot was that I was supposed to drop off Jodie's check for her when I picked Jet up. So Joan took Jodie's check and her own with her when she came by with Jet. She was going to be seeing Jodie anyway, so offered to take the check over for us. That was very cool!

We had a pretty quiet day together, afterwards, and got to the rec. center in plenty of time to meet up with John. It was fun. We all had a good time, and Jet met another two-year-old girl. It was very reassuring to see the same smile on her face that was on Jet's when her father told her, in no uncertain tones, that she was NOT to jump over a tile area. She tensed up to do so, and he caught her. Hee. There was the usual talking to and much grumping from the girl.

Jet got it into his head to go headfirst down the slide. John caught him several times and put him upright, though he was crying pretty hard, and we just were steady and not mad about it. Just kept putting him the right way as he went down the slide. Jet was really unhappy about that He never did go down the 'right' way, and when he almost did and both John and I were cheering the fact, he immediately threw himself head-first again. Oops.

Afterwards, though, we went to the Chinese buffet, and Jet got to choose his food. He got a sesame ball, lots of rice, a piece of pizza (which he ended up not touching), a skewer of teriyaki chicken, and a bunch of fried won ton skin strips. He ate all the strips. He nibbled *everything* else. I added a fried shrimp, and he nibbled that, too. He then used one chopstick and ate a huge amount of the rather sticky rice, and ended up with four slices of watermelon inside him, too. So he ate very well. He also had part of an almond cookie and two fortune cookies, though the second of those suffered a rather rude fate when he saw a bank of candy machines. He actually threw BOTH hands' worth of fortune cookie on the floor to hug the candy machines. He didn't get any candy.

He was pretty tired on the way home, but the food definitely helped his mood. He sang quietly to me all the way home, and went to sleep very easily. Whew

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