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June 15, 2003
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Father's Day

A quiet Father's Day, which we all kind of enjoyed. John was up with Jet for a while during the night, so I did, indeed, get up early and take care of Jet while John got to sleep in as long as he could. Then the three of us headed into Longmont and went to the Egg & I. It was pretty crowded. Most restaurants seem to be pretty crowded on Father's Day and Mother's Day.

But we waited outside for a while. I did an unfortunate thing. When I was getting my coffee for waiting, I put a packet of sugar into it. Jet, therefore, wanted a packet, and I gave him one. So he ate it and then he wanted to go back inside to get more. Oops.

So we spent most of the time outside trying to keep Jet from going inside. So that was kind of hard. Once we got seated, though, they gave him a bunch of colored pencils and a kids menu. Jet asked me to color much of the kid's menu. We spent most of the time between ordering our meal and getting our food concentrating on coloring the menu. That was actually quite a lot of fun. It really kept Jet occupied, and everyone was happy. The problems started again when the food came, because Jet was not interested in the waffles at all. He far preferred the sugar packets, and was very insistent about getting those instead of the waffles. This is actually very unusual for him, and I think the real trigger was actually giving him sugar to start. So I won't do that again.

We ended up taking turns chasing him around the restaurant. It was mildly stressful. I ended up paying for the meal, since it took me longer to eat.

From there we headed into church, and it was restful for everyone. Jet got to play with everyone, and be fully occupied while we enjoyed the service. The youth minister had taken over for the weekend, because both of our senior pastors were at a conference. He went his own way with the service, and kept it fairly simple and short. He ended it with a short message about how cool fathers are and then we all broke for the refreshments.

Jet ate SIX donut holes. He ate them very steadily, very seriously, and very intently. He wasn't letting those get away from HIM. I was somewhat impressed. I wonder, now, if I'd gotten him a blueberry muffin and fruit if he'd been more interested. As it was, he was very content with the food that he got. I, on the other hand, managed to snag several slices of a cocoa laced angel food cake. It was really good and low fat, too. Okay. It was low-fat until I added the whipped cream that was on the side. *grin*

We had thought about going out to lunch, Santiago's, for something simple and then head to a park to let Jet play some more. But Jet was pretty tired by the time we left the church, and went to sleep. Both John and I were still full from breakfast, as well, so was better to leave the lunch plans alone. When we got home, we all went to sleep. I actually napped even longer than Jet or John. After both going to sleep late last night and waking up early this morning I was pretty tired. When I finally got up, I made ramen for both John and I. It was the frozen ramen, rather than the dried variety. Jet was too busy playing to eat. He did, however, get crankier and crankier.

After lunch, we all went outside to do various things. John started washing the Eurovan. Jet was helping him. One somewhat funny thing was that for all of yesterday, last night, and today Jet was wearing a single sweatshirt. He had taken a liking to his red sweatshirt, and refused to take it off for anything. While "washing" his trucks in the bucket of soapy water, he got the sleeves very wet. When I offered to take the shirt off of him, he didn't object. I was so happy to actually get that shirt off of him. We also took his pants and diaper off, so he ran around in nothing but his sandals and some sunscreen. Jet was a very happy boy. Being in nothing but his birthday suit made it easy to get wet and dry. Also, since it was already in the nineties, there was no worry about him getting too cold.

I, on the other hand, worked on building a cage for my tomato plants. We have this huge roll of two by four, heavy, galvanized steel fencing. I measured exactly 54 in. of the stuff, and then attempted to cut the fencing. Our largest pair of wire cutters did nearly nothing. John finally handed me a hacksaw, and I actually made good headway with that. I had to stand the roll up on its end before I could get a good angle on each wire. I also had to take a pair of pliers and bend back each cut end to get it out of the way of the saw. I don't think that I want to do all seven cages this way. I really need pair of wire cutters with long handles, so I can get enough leverage to actually snip the wires. This is especially true since I need to cut small windows in the wiring so I can actually get my hand through and pull tomatoes out. I will probably look at Home Depot on Tuesday for such a tool.

The cage that I did make, however, was exactly what I needed. It had a diameter of 18 in., was very solid, and when I stood it over one of my plants the leaves were just touching the wire. It was also so heavy that the wind didn't bother it at all. I just worked it a little ways into the soil, and it seems pretty solid. Once it actually fills with tomato plant, it will probably need some stakes to keep it stable. Especially in the winds we get around here, it will be good to stabilize the cage with three stakes evenly placed around it.

That was a lot of work in the sun.

At one point, John was up on a ladder in order to wash the roof of the Eurovan. Jet followed him up the ladder. John had a hard time getting down, but he managed it. Jet then proceeded all the way up the ladder, pulled the sponge out of the soap bucket, used the sponge to wash the side of the van, and then calmly climbed back down the ladder. That was all he wanted to do. After that, Jet didn't bother John on the ladder at all. I guess he just needed to do something to help.

After all that work I managed to lure Jet up to his bathtub. I filled in with mildly warm water, and he proceeded to play. It was the first bath he's had in quite a while, since we usually shower him after every time we go to the pool. He was pretty sweaty and dirty from the last couple of days, and he seemed to really enjoy the cool bath. In fact, it was very hard to get him out. John finally heated a cup of milk, and brought that up to the bathroom. When Jet finally realized what it was, he actually pulled the plug for the drain himself. He drank the whole thing while we dried him off and applied lotion. We actually were able to dress him in new clothing, and he had no objections.

Since it was still early, and both John and I were still full from our late lunches, we decided to do a little bit of shopping before having dinner. So we went to the very local, Frederick, Safeway. We only bought fresh things, or things we couldn't live without. The latter being fruit snacks and potato chips. Jet won't eat any kind of chips other than potato chips, and when he actually saw the bag in the cart, he asked to have it opened. He then spent the rest of the trip eating potato chips. I was pretty impressed, as was the checker and the lady who bagged our groceries.

When we got home, John grilled hamburgers while I sliced tomato, lettuce, basil, bread, and cheese. They were really tasty hamburgers. Everyone had their own chips, and John and I also ate red cabbage salad leftover from Wednesday. We all ate outside, as the sky had become overcast, so it was cool enough to enjoy the outdoors. Jet ate plenty of ice cream afterwards, and when he was drinking his milk I patted his tummy. It was very full. He seemed much happier, too. That was good as an ending to a very nice Fathers Day.

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