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June 22, 2003
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Visitors for the Weekend

10:42 p.m.: It's been a pretty rough weekend. The hardships have more to do with Jet's sleeping habits than anything else, though John's brother Walt and his wife Cathie were here for part of the weekend. I think Jet got a little bit messed up with the added company as well, but he was having night problems even before that. Jet been picking up the habit of staying up for two to three, and sometimes four, hours in the middle of the night. Usually sometime after 1 a.m., he gets up and wants to come downstairs, or just can't get back to sleep.

It was happening to John consistently, and then it also happened to me on Friday night. Jet seems to just be picking up the habit of playing for a while in the middle of the night. It's not something we want to continue. It was, however, something we could live with until this weekend and all the extra things we had to do.

Saturday morning I actually took Jet for the early part of the morning because John took over after my hour and a half stint. So I let him sleep in, and he really appreciated that. I got a shower in the after he got up, and we had just random stuff for breakfast. Jet had been up during the night and was up early in the morning, so by the time we actually got organized and left for Longmont, he fell fast asleep in the car. So I got to do all the shopping, both at the Longmont farmers market and at Safeway. It was nice to be able to shop without interruption.

When the special Safeway had was on cases of ramen, and when I got back to the car Jet was up and eager for one of the packages of ramen out of the case. So he and John ate raw ramen in the back of the car while I drove home.

I got to take a long nap after we got home. I really appreciated that, and when I got up Jet was so tired after his short nap and bad night that he needed another nap. So John got to go out and mow the lawn while I nursed Jet to sleep. Once Jet was asleep I was able to go upstairs and work on my journal. I got it updated all the way through May, and finished as much of June as I had. I heard Walt and Cathie arrive while I was still working. So I simply continued all the way through, trusting that they would take care of Jet and dinner. It turned out that I was correct.

They had brought tamales, and were quite happy to play with Jet.

Jet showed off his new dinner manners by refusing to eat with us, and by refusing to even touch a tamale after he saw one unwrapped on his plate. He just wanted one on his plate, not really to eat. Then Jet ran off to play while we ate our dinner.

We watched Castle Cagliostro for the evening, had ice cream, and went to sleep somewhat late. I thought Jet would sleep well, but he had the worst night he's had in a while. After being up with me for a couple hours he was up with John for another couple hours. He and John ended up on the couch in the living room, asleep until 9 a.m.. It was pretty rough. Walt had to leave early in order to set up his booth at the conference. Cathie didn't get up until we did, so wasn't much help for the early morning. Not, I guess, that we really needed any early morning help.

Jet and Cathie had fun during the morning on Sunday. At about 11:30 Walt arrived with Kelly, a coworker, and all six of us headed off to the Longmont rec. Center. Everyone but Kelly went swimming. Cathie even used the lap pool, and had an extensive work out. That was pretty cool. Everyone took a shower, and we headed out to Santiago's.

Sadly, it was closed. So we went home, and sent everyone on their way back to Denver. Jet was fast asleep, extremely tired from swimming. Both John and I had gotten enough sleep this morning, so he worked on various computer things while I watched a number of DVDs that Genevieve had sent me for Christmas. It was a set of Japanese anime that was based on the Chinese legend Journey to the West. She knew that I had been reading them, and thought I would be interested in the animated series. It's actually very different from the novels, but I actually like the anime better than the books. The characters are far more interesting.

After a while, John started prepping the chickens for beer butt chicken. Jet got up around four, which should have been a warning sign for me. Normally, if Jet naps for more than three hours we're in trouble for that night.

I watched the roasting chickens and my cartoons while John and Jet played outside in the sandbox.

Jet ate a couple chicken nuggets and he came in, after demanding ice cream and being refused. We told him he had to eat something else before he could get ice cream. He finally decided we were serious, and ate his nuggets while we were eating our dinner. We had plenty of red cabbage salad, the chicken, and some bread we'd bought at the market. It was a good dinner.

Jet got to sleep around 10. John went to sleep immediately after, Smart man. I stayed up until 11, which wasn't the brightest thing in the world to do, but I really needed to catch up on the weekend in this journal and I liked watching Drew Barrymore get interviewed in the Actors Studio. That was a lot of fun

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