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June 23, 2003
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Planned Day

A good day, all in all. I actually planned for things better in order to get to the Rec. Center more easily and it worked out really well, especially after the mildly frustrating Thursday last week. It was really nice to get there without any problems, especially with checking Jet's diaper before leaving and cleaning up a good poopy one before having him in the car.

So that worked out really well. My hands and arms, after the weekend feel better. I also got a book from Bob, today, about paper prototyping and got a big revelation. I should do it cheaply. It's NOT about getting the interface right to start. It's about getting it right with user input. And the basis of this thing isn't going to matter because people are supposed to tear it up and tell me what it is that they really could use.

So instead of fretting it anymore, I just got shots for all the important parts of it, sent it out to everyone and was done with it. I also dashed off a quick presentation and got that ready for tomorrow as well. Tomorrow should be pretty darned busy.

So the Rec. Center was mostly relaxing. I didn't push it too hard today, as I'm still kind of tired from all the nights up during the weekend. I was just happy to do anything at all. That was a good goal, and I felt much better after having done it. Yay!

We headed home after the rec. center, because Jet had had so much trouble sleeping all weekend. It was early enough that it was really easy to keep him awake for the ride home, and we insured it by giving him a lollipop, too. Once home, I popped a casserole into the oven and got it started while making Jet some dinner in the form of his favorite noodles. The casserole was a regular chicken casserole with a cream sauce that I had made with sauteed vegetables. I just mixed the sauce with the chicken and noodles and then threw in a handful of frozen vegetables as well. It was good to have it already made, and just throw it into the oven when we got home.

Jet played into the evening, and did very well. I found that giving him a choice between toothbrushes made it easier to brush his teeth. He didn't have any problems getting to sleep, we'll see how it translates to his night

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