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June 25, 2003
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Sick Day

8:28 p.m.: I'm sick today. A gut flu thing that's lasting all day. Joan said that her family had it, so I now know to expect a day or two of this and then it'll just be over. I'm so tired. Jet did not do all that well last night, though John took the brunt of it. I still went to sleep rather later than I should have, probably because I drank some of the rose white tea. It kept me up more than I wanted.

Then again, it might also have been the presentations yesterday and thinking through all the problems and consequences thereby. There are a lot of them. My brain is now involved. Ah well.

When John and Jet were ready to go, I hadn't watered my tomato plants, yet, so John went to drop Jet off at Joan's while I hauled four gallons of water over to the tomato plants. They have this utterly unique acrid scent that when they're touched by water they give off even more. It's really cool. There are half a dozen little green tomatoes on the plants already. The big tomato plants have several of them, and the little ones have a whole lot more. The southern plants have fruit, but the northern ones don't, yet, and I guess the sunshine makes a huge difference. It was rather peaceful to just be out there pouring water on them.

After I finished watering them, I thought I'd go as far as I wanted to meet up with John rather than have him pull into the driveways and towards the house, so I walked out to the main road. It was a gorgeous morning, pinks, purples, swirled with blue, grays and white horizon to horizon. The air was cool enough to bring goosebumps to my short and t-shirted self, but it felt good after the heat of the weekend. I really enjoyed the short walk. John and I also parked a ways away from the plant as it was Walk and Bike day and we walked in. That felt pretty good, too.

I had an okay morning. Not great, but okay. Decided to just eat at work because Cathie and Walt were going to buy us dinner, which turned out to be a very good thing because as soon as Bob and company left for the Chinese Buffet my gut got really unhappy really fast. So I was running to the bathroom for the next half-hour. John met me at the cafeteria and we just had sandwiches for lunch before running to Joan's to pick Jet up.

Jet had already napped when we picked him up. He got home, nursed, and then played with me and watched TV with me until Cathie and Walt arrived. John was in a meeting when they got here, and I turned Jet over to them and went to sleep for a while.

When I woke up Cathie, Walt and Jet had gone off to Boulder. John was working, so I watched a few anime episodes before they called to say that they were headed for the pho restaurant. So we jumped into our car and headed off. I'd been feeling ill all afternoon, too, so it's really a virus thing, rather than just something that I ate. Bah. But it meant that I really didn't want to eat green chile for dinner. We decided on pho and that worked out really well.

Jet hadn't eaten much all day. So it was good in that way, too. When we did get there, we all ate a lot. Jet ate lots of noodles, drank soup, and had a lollipop, too. So we all got a good meal and it was very successful. Cathie and Walt had a good time, too, and enjoyed the food. They'd had it the last time they'd visited and knew what was coming. So that was good.

Afterwards, we went to Safeway and bought ice cream and milk for Jet. It was really fun watching Jet hauling around a pint of Ben and Jerry's. He was great with that many people watching him, and we headed home. I made bagels while everyone played with Jet outside in the sandbox. Then we all came in and had ice cream. Jet got his own bowl, first, and then everyone else got their own. Hee. I decided I might as well eat what I wanted.

I decided to be sick tomorrow and just take it off. One of our IT guys had said that he'd give me my port replicator today and he just forgot. Bah. I don't really want to work without it anymore. John'll get it tomorrow, so I might do something tomorrow night, but I'm just feeling too yucky to really concentrate. I may well just sleep tomorrow. We'll see how Jet does tonight

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