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June 26, 2003
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Gensomaden Saiyuki

7:38 p.m.: I stayed home sick today. I actually feel a lot better, but most of that was because I just went back to bed after everyone left for their respective whatevers, and just slept for another three hours. I needed it, badly. I woke up in time to go get Jet, and when he napped I watched the last bits of Gensomaden Saiyuki. I didn't even know the romanization of the name until I hunted around on the Internet for the second set of DVDs.

Yes. I'm hooked. I like the series a lot and watched most of it while Jet was asleep, one way or another, and it was a good distraction from my computer. So that I didn't get my hands any worse than they were.

I really loved it. I liked the Chinese novel "Journey to the West", but it's so huge that I've only gotten through the first of the four books and have much more to do. I didn't like the whiny nature of the monk in the books, but the TV series had a far more worldly monk, who is just as beautiful, but understands that people will see him that way. It's interesting. I liked the changes that they made, and I like the plot a lot.

Jet and I had a very low-key afternoon, with no work and no Rec. Center to worry about. With me sick and John still low on sleep, we thought we might postpone it until tomorrow. I think we will. It'll be good to do. Jet and I watched some TV, ate some tamales together. He refused them for a good dozen times before finally taking a bite and then he ate them pretty eagerly until he'd eaten nearly a whole one. After that we went out to the sandbox and he played in it while I played with the tomatoes. There's now a good dozen small fruit on the southern plants. They're doing really well. The middle and northern plants haven't actually set fruit, yet, but with the cold nights and the less sun they're getting, I don't blame them too much. Later in the summer they might do better.

I really hope they survive the vacation. John and I are going to do some drip irrigation setups this weekend for them, so that they'll get water, but it won't be as often as I'm doing it by hand. I'll probably have to ask some neighbor to train the plants and take what ripe fruit they find on them while we're gone. The plants grow so quickly! I've been pushing them back in just about two times a week, and it's a good deal of work.

I made enchiladas when John got home. Jet is just watching more TV, but he did eat a corn dog when he was begging for popsicles and we wouldn't give him any. Mustard. I think the key to him eating the corn dog was the mustard. He really likes the stuff. It's kind of cool. But he ate pretty well, so he'll get his popsicle soon enough.

I also got the port replicator and I now have my old setup all set up. Yay! We'll see if it helps significantly, but it should be good for reworking the models when I have the time. The one unfortunate thing is that the laptop will always be connected to AC power while in the docking station, so I won't be able to do dictation while it's in the easy to use setup. Still... with dictation, I may not need it all as badly. I should be able to just undock it and dictate to my heart's content until I'm done and then plug it back into get recharged. Yay for flexibility!!

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