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June 24, 2003
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Today was presentation day and working day. I got to stay at work from 9 until 5:30!! Which is a very unusual sort of thing, but John wanted to meet up with a co-worker for dinner, so he just took Jet for the whole afternoon and met up with us at work at 5:30. So I had a lot of time to talk with people, do work, think, and do some presentations on my new project.

The presentations went well. A usability test that I'm in the middle of is doing quite well, and I'm glad that I'm doing it and defining it completely before I leave. It's something that's necessary for my own sense of responsibility to the project.

I went out for lunch. I had a real craving for ramen. Bob wanted to eat in the cafeteria, and I was very unenthused by the lunch spread. So I went out and went to Ichi-Ban and bought their shoyu ramen. It was the frozen ramen, with the shoyu soup. They boiled the noodles and put them in a box. They heated the soup and all the toppings and put them in a big styrofoam cup with a lid and then stuffed that into a bag that they tied tight. So it traveled very well.

I got it back to work, found a big bowl and warmed it up with some hot water. I dumped the noodles in there and then part of the soup to cover. I gradually worked through the soup and noodles. It was really, really satisfying. Today was a cold and grayish day, so the hot soup and noodles felt really good. Yum. It was also a very welcome break for a whole day's worth of work. I needed that.

Dinner was with Emil, who has a son that's exactly a year younger than Jet. So he got to see something of a preview, though his son is huge compared to Jet and sleeps 14 hours a day!! I would halfway wish Jet would do that. Anyway, he was very tolerant of Jet during dinner, and accepted French fries from Jet when Jet offered them. It was fun. After dinner we went to a playground in Longmont, even though it was gray and cold and windy and Jet had a great time running and playing and climbing a huge play structure. Emil said that he remembered when he was doing the running and climbing and looking at the adults on the bench and thinking, "They're nuts, why aren't they *playing*?"


We got Jet home, awake, by giving him the remains of the root beer lollypop from the other night. He was pretty happy, and rode with John while I drove myself home. John went to sleep early and I stayed up with Jet as I was still feeling pretty good and hadn't had to take care of him all day. It was fun to just have some time with him. I pulled some flash cards out of two Nick Jr. magazines that I hadn't gone through before this, and gave then to Jet. It surprised the heck out of me when he took all the Dora the Explorer cards and named every character on them! Even Tico!! It was also interesting to hear him say the names with a very clear Spanish inflection to them. He really is picking that up. Wow.

That was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the time with him, and we actually had fun brushing his teeth by my giving him a choice as to which brush to use. So he didn't fight it the way he usually does. I was very glad of that. Yay for making some of the things that have to be done easier!!

I also got a box today, and got it when I got home. Turns out that it was a box from Imperial Tea. Jet was fascinated by it. I only opened two of the teas, the Four Treasure herbal tea for drinking tonight, and a rose infused white tea. Yum. I really liked that. Jet loved smelling it and wanted to run around with the stuff open and was pretty mad at me when I wouldn't let him..

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