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June 27, 2003
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Breakfast and Rec. Center

Today started out with the recognition breakfast for employees that had been in the company for 10 or 15 years. Since it was supposed to start at 8 a.m., we actually asked Joan if she would take Jet early. She said that it would be fine to take him at 7:30. So I dropped him off early, before heading in myself. Since I had to stay later than John needed to, we drove separately.

When I arrived, Bob asked me if I was going to the breakfast as well. I said yes. It turned out, however, that the first half-hour of the gathering was supposed to be social. Bob decided to skip that part. I waffled. Given, however, that Joan had sacrificed a later wakening in order for us to go to the breakfast on time, I decided that I'd really should take advantage of the fact. So I went. I didn't regret it, and even though I'm such an introvert, it was actually a lot of fun. Most of the people that were there were people that I already knew, so wasn't hard to talk with them, especially since they were almost all engineers as well. It was also a lot of fun listening to all the history, the stories of the various companies and acquisitions that made up Xilinx. I really liked that.

Breakfast itself was pretty good. There was a buffet with French toast, eggs, quiche, bacon and sausage, fruit, and various baked items with butter and cream cheese. There was coffee, and two kinds of juice. Plenty of silverware, crystal, and nice china, plus all the executives in the building plus the CEO of the company. Wim was here for a visit. He'd been visiting all the sites, including the one in Albuquerque, which had a few employees whose seniority was longer than the company is old. It turns out that several of them had originally been employed at Signetics, which Phillips bought, and Xilinx then bought the CPLD division. So they had been working for the same projects for quite some time.

After the breakfast, we had pictures. The entire group was gathered in front of the stone fireplace for the first picture. Then they had a picture of all of the 15-year folk. It turned out that Bob and John were the only people that had 15 years. So when they took their picture, it was with Wim. Of course, John added to the picture by picking Bob up and banging Bob's head into the mantle of the fireplace. Oops. Not too hard, but hard enough to get everyone laughing pretty hard. It's a good thing Bob's so skinny.

I went back to work after that, and had a mildly dispiriting 1:1 with Jayashree. She talked a lot, and I didn't listen to much of anything. There wasn't that much that I was interested in about what she was planning and how she was planning on doing it. I am no longer invested in it. I have three things I have to finish before the end of next week, and I'm well on my way with all of them. The rest was just uninteresting anymore. Especially when a lot of it had to do with planning on doing things that she really should have been asking other people about.

The afternoon was a lot more fun. I did manage to get one interview in before going home, as Karen was at her desk. It was actually a lot of fun to go through it with her, and she had some very good concerns and observations. There was one interesting problem she came up with that I don't really have a good answer to at the moment. It is, however, the good question to capture for whomever is going to pick up this project.

When I got home, Jet was asleep, so made myself some lunch. Before I finished it, however, Jet got up and wanted to nurse. So I ate while he nursed. Afterwards, we watched some TV, as the Wiggles were on. At two I had a massage appointment with CeLena.

It was a far better session with her this week than last week. Everything just hurt less. I'm not sure if it's because of the day took off yesterday, or if it's the combination of everything I've been doing for the last few weeks finally catching up and making things better. It might actually be both. In any case, I was very grateful and CeLena was very surprised. It's a good thing to make real progress.

But I got home, John and Jet were in the Eurovan installing the cargo net. I went inside, got to read a little bit, and then packed everything Jet and I needed for the Rec. Center. John came in packed his stuff as well, and then we left.

It was a little odd exercise after having my massage appointment. Going from everything being completely relaxed to everything being in motion was a little harder. Still, it felt good, and I was very glad of the workout. I really needed to get back into motion. I took it easy, however, and took a little more time with the weights. I found that my arms are a lot less sore, although the forearm lifts with the backs of my hands up were still very hard. I still have some ways to go before everything is back to normal.

Jet had a great time in the childcare, and it took us a while to get him to the locker rooms. Once he was in the swimming pool, however, he had a blast. We even had a good time swimming without any of the floats. I just took him on my back, and we went around and around. He really liked that, and even let go of my shoulders enough to paddle along on his own. Eventually, we headed for the showers and then to Souper Salad!

Jet ate a huge pile of pepperoni. He didn't eat much else, though, and then demanded ice cream. After another round of pepperoni, we finally gave him a dish of ice cream with sprinkles and cookie crumbles. He dug through it with gusto. Yay! It gave John and I plenty of time to eat, which was what we most needed anyway. We didn't really need dessert. It's odd, but I really do think that exercise does flatten my appetite, now. When I started, it seemed like I was hugely hungry all the time, but now I actually do think I eat less than I used to, which is pretty cool.

After dinner, we walked over to Wal-Mart to look around. I knew that Jet needed more swim diapers, we only had one more and at least two more trips to the Rec. Center before we go on our trip. So we bought another package of them. Some of them are going to be for the trip, others are for afterwards. We also found a small trash can for the Eurovan, it was only 94 cents! It was pretty solid plastic, though it was small. It should be easy to line it with plastic shopping bags, which should prove useful as we go.

We also talked over some of the overall strategies for the trip, including not bringing all our cooking equipment, as we may not need anything other than a way to brew coffee or tea and some hot water for instant oatmeal or have cold milk and cereal in the morning. We'd save the luxurious breakfasts for when we stay with people or when we stay at a hotel or some restaurant. It'll be interesting to not cook in my own kitchen for a full month.

Next we went to Kohl's. They were having a 50% off summer sale. All their shorts were included, and I really need a couple pairs of good shorts. All my shorts are from before Jet was even conceived, and I'm of different shape, now. I found some Lee shorts. I've always liked the way their jeans fit me, as they seem to go with the bigger waist for a given hip size than other pants. So I tried two pairs of shorts on, and they fit perfectly! Yay! One pair was a lot shorter than I usually wear, but they seemed really solidly made, they weren't embarrassingly short, and they were really comfortable. So I bought them along with a much longer pair with elastic side bands. They should make for good hot weather wear during the trip and afterwards as well.

Best of all, they were normally thirty bucks apiece, so I got both of them for thirty. Yay! Hoorah for sales and taking advantage of them!

John and Jet had a blast while I was trying things on. Jet found out that there were PEOPLE scattered al over the store. Big people that didn't move! People with all kinds of clothes on, and you could go up to them and touch them and comment on their fingers, toes, and lack thereof as well. Yeah, he found mannequins to be fascinating phenomenon in the store. He would run up to a set, comment on them, climb all over them, and talk with John about what he found. When John said, "Hey! Let's find more people!" Jet would hop off the platform and go running to find the next set!

Perfect shopping entertainment.

Jet stayed awake all the way home, just commenting on the world as we drove through it. He got home and was perfectly happy to watch Goofy while John and I worked on a few things on our computers. Then we played together, he had a big glass of milk. John then brushed Jet's teeth, and gave him the offer of what brush, and Jet had the most cheerful toothbrushing he's had in a while. I think that just having the choice really seems to calm him down and give him some control over what happens to him. That's really cool.

He went to sleep pretty easily, so we'll see how he does tonight.

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