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June 28, 2003
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Running Around and Working Jet

10:47 p.m.: A tiring day, today. Jet was up kind of late last night and then up early, around 5:20. I took him until he fell asleep again, and then John took over at 6. Both of us were up with him, late, last night, so it meant that both of us were pretty trashed today. Tonight, at least, I'm the only one up, and John went to bed early. Jet didn't go to sleep until just now. With the early start, Jet had his first nap at 9:30 until 11.

Before, that, though, he played like a toddler. He was outside with John when I woke up, and he came with us to discover what kind of watering system we had out by the tomatoes. Turns out that it's a simple branch and that there were already five one-gallon outlets into the tomatoes. The interesting thing was that the outlets were feeding the three biggest, greenest plants. So the watering system was obviously helping them. There was another set of them around a nearby cottonwood, and we dug those up and looped them around to the other plants. We'll have to add another couple of taps, but I think that there's most of what's needed. It'll also help to mulch the whole area, to keep moisture in when it does get some and to keep the weeds down.

After Jet's nap we went out and did stuff. We bought things at Ace Hardware, Safeway, and got some mulch at the local garden store. We also stopped at an espresso shop for some iced drinks and then stopped at Century Park in Longmont. It was a nice little playground next to a rose garden. In the distance there was a play pool. Jet played in the playground for a little while, but his sandals trapped some sand, and he had to have them off. The sand, though, was a bit rough and hot for his bare feet so we went for a walk on the cool grass around the rose garden. John went back to lock up the car, when Jet found the play pool.

He ran all the way there and then tried to climb the fence to get at the pool. Poor guy. He really wanted to go swimming with the other kids. We didn't have any swim suits to go in with him, though we did have a swim diaper of his. On top of all that we also were all getting a little sun burnt. No sunscreen and the sun was out in full force today.

So we had to drag him away. He was consoled with the playground, as there were now a bunch of kids there. So he played with the other kids for a while, sliding and climbing and having a good time. We gave him enough warning that when it was time to go he went, not willingly, but he went. He also fell asleep on the way home. He was so fast asleep that when I was yelling to John about the fact that Jet was asleep, it didn't bug him at all

So Jet napped. I worked on my journal and got the last week updated. Jet got up while I was at it and John took care of him. Jet did the bad trick again, though. He asked John to cook some ramen for him and then refused to eat it. Oops. John was pretty tired by this point. He prepped some stuff for tacos. I cooked some onions, garlic and taco seasoning and added some meat to it all. Both pork and chicken. So we had some of each. Fairly quick dinner.

John went to sleep soon after eating. Jet and I had fun outside with the big bag of mulch and the tomato plants. I thought he was just going to play in his sandbox, but, instead, he decided he had to help me with the plants. So we went around to all the plants and put mulch on them. Jet started by putting them on the plants, themselves, on the leaves, but with a bit of coaching, he was putting the stuff down at the base of the plants. Since his hands were so small, they could easily fit between the mesh of the wire fencing, and he was able to put every handful where it would do the most good. We couldn't cover the whole plot, as I still have to put more take-offs on the drip irrigation system and bury it before we can mulch over the hoses, but we were able to do a lot with the plants themselves, as the irrigation system is going to be going outside of the cages.

I was pretty surprised that Jet preferred working on my plants to playing in the sandbox, especially after Ben came over and started playing in Jet's sandbox; but Jet was steadfast. I like encouraging the things that surprise me and it was fun to work with him on them, once he got the idea. Pretty soon after, he would tell me when it was time to go onto the next plant, "Next plant! Next plant!" he'd chant and grunt and groan while helping me pull the heavy bag of mulch over to the next plant. He really enjoyed doing that. I like the fact that he likes that so much and it just takes me a little time to teach him how I really want it done.

After that Jet and I played and played, we ate ice cream together, and watched Wallace and Grommet videos ("Grommet!" he says. I guess that's who is important in those vids) until about 10:30. He used a flashlight to light the way for brushing his teeth and he was pretty gleeful about that. So that was very good. He nursed with wide-open eyes for the first fifteen minutes, but finally did go to sleep. He was fairly easy to put down after that. Now it's raining outside and cooling everything off. Quite the relief after all the heat of the day.

The day was so hot the house isn't cooling off very well. The storm is helping, though the wind doesn't seem to get back into the house. I like the sound and the scent of the rain. My allergies are acting up recently, though. I guess that's the price I pay for the rain. *grin* I think it's worth it

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