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June 29, 2003
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Sleepy Sunday

We got up, John made waffles, and we headed into church. Unfortunately, Jet got up around 5 something, and he napped when we drove to church, and it took quite a while to get it so that he would wake up, without a problem, once we got there. I ended up holding him through part of the service, and then holding him for quite a while in the kids' room until he finally let go and started playing.

Of course, then he saw me during the kids' message and had to have me go up with him instead of John, and it took a while to detach him, again, afterwards. But he was pretty cheerful whenever he did finally let go. So it gave him some necessary transition time. I was glad of that.

He was perfectly cheerful through snack time and getting into the car. We hit the ACE Hardware for a while, to allow John to return a few things. Then we went to Panda II and got tortas for lunch. He was awake for the whole thing, and when he got home, he ate half a package of ramen, cooked, which is unusual for him. That was pretty cool. Lately, he's been asking John to cook him noodles and then refusing to eat them. Which was hard on John. So it was cool that he finally ate some. I guess it was cool enough in the house for him to eat noodles and soup.

We watched a bit of TV, went out and played with the watering system. John found the bag of take-offs. He was the only one that was strong enough to just push them into the hose. He placed a bunch of them, and when he was done with that. I worked pretty hard to bury the hose amid the plot. Then Jet helped me put more mulch on top of everything, because I borrowed one of his sand box buckets in order to spread a larger amount of it at a time. Jet really loved shoving himself between the cages and getting where I couldn't. He'd take a single handful of mulch with him, wedge himself in (occasionally breaking a branch or two that was sticking out), and then throw the mulch on the leaves of the plant.

By four, after all the sunshine, we were all pretty tired. So I nursed Jet, while John fell asleep on the couch, and I put Jet up for his nap in his bed. I went to sleep immediately afterwards and napped for two hours flat before waking up enough to go get Jet up. He was mad. I didn't, however, want him to go over the magical three hours of napping for the day. I finally nursed him for a bit and then lured him with a Popsicle, the last of them, to wake him up cheerfully. He liked that enough to cheer up a bit.

We all felt better for the naps. I decided to make chow mien, as we hadn't had it for a while and it would clear out the produce drawers. It did that admirably. I even was able to dump a bunch of rotten things as well, which was very good. I just chopped a bunch of stuff, cooked square noodles, and made a sauce for everything. It turned out really well. John loved it. Jet didn't touch it, but he did eat a corndog, which was pretty good. He'd had one and a quarter waffle for breakfast, ramen for lunch, and also ate that for dinner, so he'd had a really good food day.

We all stayed up kind of late because when John was popping some popcorn for Jet and himself, I fiddled around with my laptop and got it to play "Lilo and Stitch". "Stitch! Stitch!" says Jet and he planted himself in front of my machine and wouldn't let me do anything with it or turn it off. We started with both the laptop and Jet on the counter, and ended up with both of them on the floor with a bit of carpeting for Jet. John and I were able to watch whatever TV we wanted, so we may have come up with a solution for when we want to watch something. So we watched the movie all the way through to the end. Jet was pretty tired by then.

So he was easy to get to sleep. I hope that means he'll have a good night

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