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March 10, 2000
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John's Home!

Today was funny.

I was kinda uncertain about the hair, but after all the reactions this morning, in my first meeting I think I'm just going to keep it like this. It's kinda fun to watch people fall out of their chairs. I don't know if it's really admiration, but it really did reflect some of the reactions I had when I first turned all my hair blue. So I really liked that.

Fezzik, of course, was what got me up, as I didn't think I had meetings this morning, once up, however, I remembered that I had a 9 o' clock that I had to get up for, anyway, so he saved me. That was pretty funny. He got lots of hugs for being a pain in the ass in the morning. I have a funny feeling he's not going to stop any time soon.

So beyond the reactions, I was working on stuff for some of the day, but it was mostly just waiting to go get John. Geoff was good all day and kept me evenkeeled company to keep me from going completely insane, and he did well at that. I didn't think I'd miss him this much, but I did.

Bob and I had fun with more work stuff and getting some final things coordinated in the morning. Lunch turned into a complete group thing, and Brandy took us out to Wahoo's because they had fish tacos and because she'd just moved from California and missed the Baja kind of food that she was so used to from there. So the whole gang of us went to Wahoo's to try out the fish tacos, the various enchiladas and other things that turned out to be really, really good. A surprise item was the Baja roll that turned out to be really yummy, kinda an odd mix between an egg roll and a fried burrito and even sushi as the roll was cut beautifully by sushi standards. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the food a lot.

Finally I took off to get John. The ride itself is always pretty long to the airport. I never really like it that much as a problem along the way can turn into a problem along a lot of the long way, so that all delays turn even longer. I really dislike that. And, sure enough, on 104th to Tower Road I got stuck behind a huge piece of construction machinery on a flat bed that just chugged along gradually. It was so slow that I was going to be late and I didn't really know a good alternate road. Luckily, I had the celphone and had it switched on and just as I was about to turn onto Tower, I got a call from John, as he hasn't seen me at the gate.

I told him where I was, and he said that he'd meet me at that luggage carousel and I asked him to call me again with the number if he could figure it out. He said sure, so I hung up while trying to switch gears. I've always hated people on celphones on the road, but I now know exactly how tempting it is to just take the call while getting where you're going. Bad girl.

He called on after the toll booths and I found out where he was on a straightaway, so I didn't feel so bad, and it was short and sweet and perfect and my parking karma was working overtime as I got a spot really close to the elevators and when I got up the elevators, the nearest carousel was the one he named. Wow. That was *nice*.

It was really, really strange to have people giving me The Look again. It's been a while. I'd gotten used to people ignoring the hair, and suddenly, with the blonde streaks I was standing out again, markedly. Back to the point where people just stopped and stared again, like when I had all-blue hair. It was actually pretty cool. I'd actually asked for the front lock to be done just so I could have it be prominent again, as the blue down the back was being ignored so thoroughly. John lit up on seeing me. That was cool. Easy to spot again. A big hug and lots of smooches later we were waiting for his luggage to arrive. It took a while, so I was glad that I'd parked instead of waiting outside the luggage area for him. It was fun to just talk and talk and talk again.

I got him home, no problem. Smooth sailing going home, and then he unpacked all over the house, which was fun. Chocolates and wine and cocoa and all kinds of things spilled out everywhere. First time to France, and John had a lot of fun shopping with the last of his French money, as he'd traded it all to start and then just bought what he could with the last of it. One of the things that he'd bought on a whim was a fountain pen! One of the stationary/news stores had a bunch of cheap Watermen fountain pens just sitting there, and he bought one for me for like $7, but it was *so* cool! Because the really cheap fountain pens from Europe never make it all the way to the U.S. as they're too cheap and have too small a margin to make shipping them anywhere worthwhile. This was a beautiful little pink pen with brushed aluminium exterior, no filling mechanism but my Herbin cartridges filled it perfectly and exactly! So it was just a standard European cartridge. That was cool.

I was very happy with it.

John was bemused by how happy I was with it, and hadn't really thought through all the economics of it, but was glad that he found something for me that I couldn't find myself. That was keen.

The other thing that he bought was two boxes of Van Houten cocoa, but the French product rather than the American product, and the differences weren't big, but were subtle. Depth of flavor and richness of the cocoa itself was very, very nice and I think I'll be going through this pretty happily.

I knew I was exhausted, from the lack of sleep all week, but it was really, really nice to end up, finally, curling up with John again in bed and resting.

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