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March 11, 2000
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Errands and Movie

Getting the recycling into the bins at the recycling center proved to be more of an adventure than we had anticipated. The wind picked up and everything started blowing around, luckily, most of the bins are built with the wind in mind, so once we actually got things into them, it worked out fine. It was, however, a good deal of work to clutch things close into we actually got them into the slots.

John's next target was Starbucks coffee, and it was right next to the place that we had lunch at yesterday. Today, however, John was with me, so the two of us went in for lunch and bought one of the Baja rolls as well as a quesadilla for our lunch. It was a good, light lunch at exactly the right time. Afterwards, we went to Starbucks and bought a pound of coffee for home as well as two espresso drinks for immediate gratification.

After the busy morning a very quiet afternoon was very nice. I didn't really do all that much, just planted some more seeds, put a few cuttings into expanded peat disks so that they could root in the sterile soil. I didn't want any bugs or live organic material getting in the way of the roots. After that I just puttered around house doing small things like watering the plants, reading the newspaper, and enjoying the sunshine. The wind howled outside, but didn't even rattle much of the house.

John looked up when Pitch Black was going to play, and with plenty of time to spare we left in order to go to Eagle to find a few things for the house and then to Target where we wandered around looking for a few things. On NPR we heard about an opera singer who is now very well-known in opera who started as a singer for musicals. There was a tryout for the New York opera house, and a friend bet her $100 to go and do the tryouts. It was an incentive for something she might otherwise have passed up, and the result was a long and excellent career in opera.

As we were walking into Target, John bet me a Suavecito Zoot Suit to try and write a book in the next year. Extra incentive for something I've long thought about doing. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this.

We got to the movie in plenty of time, and I bought a box of Butterfingers snack sized bars for the movie. I think I only ate three of the tiny bars the entire movie, as it was as good the second time as it was the first. John really enjoyed it, the we had a great time talking about it all the way home. I think that was why I really wanted him to see it, because I thought it would be fun to talk it over with him in detail. There were a few technical flaws, most of which John did catch, and I mostly overlooked because I enjoyed the cinematic result too much to let the technical details get in the way, until, of course, he pointed them out. They were still small enough to ignore.

We went next door to Biggs in order to do some grocery shopping, and we bought a few things we needed as well as some coconut milk. Ever since I did the coconut rice so haphazardly, I really wondered if I could do it again. And, indeed, I did it again, and we ate much of the left over curry with the steaming, sweetly scented rice.

TBS was playing Contact again. They seem to be playing it all week, but it was fun to watch the end again and the whole lesson on faith.

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