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March 12, 2000
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Catching Up

Breakfast was good. Simple. I basically fried two eggs, put them on toast, and made oatmeal. It wasn't too rich, too sweet, or particularly fancy, but it was filling and satisfying.

I spent most of the morning reading and writing, many of the journal entries I'm trying to catch up on took most of the morning, afternoon, and evening. When I do a little bit each day, it doesn't seem quite as overwhelming; but I seem to have less and less time each date during the work week to write.

One of the things that John and I did talk through was the fact that I was so lonely last week. Both he and I have fewer friends here, fewer people to do things with, and less of a social life than we did in Seattle. Actually I did have a number of invitations last week, but I also have to admit that I prefer being alone more often than John does. So we agreed that we would invite someone over for dinner next week.

The other thing we did with take pictures of my new hair. Here are three thumbnails that are linked to the larger versions of the pictures. It was a lot of fun, especially since I found out that the cats eyes contact lenses actually settle well on my eyes and stay in place once I've worn them for a while. They actually become pretty easy to see through once they settle. I think it will be more comfortable to startle a great deal of people than I thought it would be.

While I dictated, John went and walked Fezzik, did things outside, including burning a small section of the back acre and a half. The area back there is completely covered with dead tumbleweeds, dry and easily burned if one makes sure that the fire doesn't spread beyond control. He had the hose back there and was piling them into neat piles and burning each pile to make sure that the burning stayed controlled. When the sun went down John came in and made roast beef from a roast we bought yesterday. Baked potatoes and rare meat along with plenty of salad and microwaved vegetables made for a very satisfying meal.

I spent most of the evening dictating again, until it was time to go to sleep. Sleep was very good after the busy day.

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