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March 18, 2000
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Having People Over

Today was mostly getting ready for the party tonight. Not a really big party, but it was fun to have a reason other than ourselves to go out and do things. The biggest thing was just shopping for everything we needed tonight, and we went to Safeway for most of our stuff. John made a few extra stops to find some vacuum parts for our old, creaky vacuum. Most of the afternoon was spent waiting.

I had fun knitting the second sock for John. I had already made one red sock, I was making the matching green one with exactly the same construction, i.e. colored body and cuff with silk heel and toes. Around lunchtime, however, Jenny called to tell us that she had strep throat. She didn't sound particularly sick, but given that it is something that is highly contagious, she felt better about staying home and maybe making it next week than coming. That actually worked for John and I, and we were flexible about what we wanted to do for dinner anyway.

Around 5 p.m. I started preparing everything, used a dry rub on the chickens along with a coating of canola oil, put them on their spit and set them out on the rotisserie before 5:30. Debbie and Matt showed up right around 6 and enjoyed being able to pet Fezzik and tour the basement while I put together four chocolate things for dessert. It was a little bit hard to talk over the sound of the beaters while I was getting plenty of air beaten into the whole eggs, but John managed. At the last moment, when John said that the chickens were done, I cooked some onions and red peppers together and then added half of bag of the sweet corn we'd frozen last summer. The resulting dish was very pleasing.

Dinner turned out pretty well. John forgot to make the salad at the last moment but nobody minded, as we had plenty of vegetable, chicken, and sourdough bread along with a good artichoke heart dip that John made hot. There was plenty of food, and I don't think anybody went home hungry. I actually whipped some whipped cream to top the chocolate things and as a last-minute touch I poured a small amount of the Godiva chocolate liqueur on each one. That turned out very well.

During dessert Rick called, and we setup a possible breakfast scenario for tomorrow morning. I forgot that he might be here this weekend, and, somehow, thought he would be here next weekend. John, however, managed to create a scenario where we could meet up with them in the morning.

During the entire meal, the preparation, the eating, and the aftermath the four of us were talking. It was really good to find people that were interested in us and were interesting themselves, and we knew a lot of that from the long walks we'd had with their dogs on Sundays. It was just very nice to have it confirmed so thoroughly. One really great thing was that Debbie knew someone at work that was really into gaming, even into Shadowrun, and contributed significantly to one of the local gaming conventions. So I may actually have local gaming contacts possible.

Matt was somewhat interested in my anime collection, and we ended up watching Il Porco Rosso for a while, until it was 10 p.m.. They had been up since seven, which is awful early for a Saturday, and moving all day, so were really tired. They gave Fezzik one last hug and left for the night.

I think we'll have to do this more often, as John was very cheerful while picking up.

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