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March 17, 2000
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A Week in Motion

It was a crazy week.

The stock market just slid all week and everything we had slid with it. Ooof. Such is life, and it was expected, in some ways and I'm still doing significantly better than the S&P, so I should be grateful.

I had one major project that is due on the 21st, that I started on the 13th. It was very nice to start the week at home, as I brought the computer home on Friday, letting it thump around in the trunk while I was going to the airport. I resolved to back up all my data the next time, just before I loaded the machine into the car. It was a beautiful day, sunshine and calm. I even took Fezzik for a walk at lunchtime, and was able to get to my massage appointment easily without having to pull John from his usual five o'clock meeting. That was nice, and the massage itself was extra nice. The once a week sessions really do add up, and everything seemed to be better off.

Tuesday was exceptional. All afternoon was spent on a training session on the Briggs-Meyer preference indicators. Long ago James Walden had pointed me at these indicators, and I knew that I was an INTP from those tests. So I was partially looking at the afternoon as a way to relax from all the pressures of the last few months, but I also wondered what else they could teach me. There were two exercises that really gave mean much better feeling for what some of the indicators actually mean. I had some idea of what the introvert versus extravert meant, but it was interesting to talk with other introverts about the coping mechanisms they used in order to appear social in situations where they normally wouldn't speak. There seems to be quite a lot of training and learning that an introvert does in order to appear extraverted or social and friendly.

Nearly no one in the class could believe I was an introvert, even though the score was pretty high in that direction.

The other thing I really like learning was what each of the three indicators really meant. It turns out that the difference between Sensing and iNtuitive folks is the difference between how people look at the world. The Introvert vs. Extravert was all about how people process the data that they get, one does it internally the other likes to bounce the thoughts off external people. The Thinking vs. Feeling is about how people decide what to do about the information they have, one wanting to take the objective point of view and the other wanting to use a more subjective point of view that is context oriented. And finally the Judging vs. Perceiving folks indicate how people actually go about doing what they decide.

The one preference I never really understood was the one between Perceiving and Judging. It seemed so arbitrary. The second exercise made very clear what the differences were, and clarifying question had to do with how the two groups felt about time. Judging folks want complete control of their time. Perceiving folks believe that time can't be controlled only bowed to when necessary. It was a remarkable difference between the two groups, and indicated all the differences between how much they want control and how much some folks don't care as much about control is about doing the right thing when necessary. It seems to be the one area of the most possible conflict.

Dinner that night was a rendition of the pasta carbonara that I'd had last week. John really enjoyed it along with the caramelized bananas on vanilla ice cream. A good dinner after a long day.

Wednesday was the snow day. There was a good nine inch dump all over the city area, blanketing everything. All day, the sky was white with snow falling continuously. I did manage to dress appropriately, including wearing my Doc Martens to work. I did, however, forget my lunch and ended up eating a Cup o' Noodles, which turned out to be a good lunch for a cold day. The soup felt really good.

After two days of procrastination I finally asked Debbie and Jenny to dinner on Saturday. It turned out that Debbie was moving on Saturday, so was very grateful to have dinner provided and entertainment. Jenny had a soccer game Sunday morning, but was very pleased to be invited over, so that worked out well.

Thursday and Friday was a complete scramble at work. There were some glitches in the stuff that I was doing, that had to do with code I didn't know. I didn't really know if I could solve it before Tuesday, for most of that time; however, I solved the last of the problems Friday night.

Friday was the day that the carpet guys came to carpet the basement, so John stayed home while I drove into work. The weather turned warm quickly, and everything melted within two days so I had no problems getting to work. On Friday Brandy brought a loaf of sourdough bread to work from San Jose, which she visited on Thursday. So Friday night I pulled the caramelized onions from the freezer and made near-instant French onion soup and poured it on toasted sourdough bread with plenty of Swiss cheese. It made for an excellent dinner.

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