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March 3, 2001
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Boulder Adventure

  • 2:42 am: Wet. 3oz bottle
  • 5-5:50 am: 2 wet 1 poopy. Then a little breast & 2.5 oz bottle.
  • 9 am: Wet. Than eat.
  • 1:30 pm: Eat. 1 wet before
  • 2-4 pm: adventure. 1wet & poopy blowout during. 1 wet & poopy after ate after.
  • 6:37 pm: Wet.
  • 8:01 pm: Wet. Then ate about 8:40 or so.
  • 11:36 pm: Wet diaper after eating and then ate almost 2 oz bottle.
  • 10 wet 3 poopy 8 feedings

I am still sick, and last night I thought I was going to just die and wanted to go to Urgent Care today, but the sleep really helped me feel better. By the time I actually really got up around 1 pm, after a 6 am feeding where I got to see the dawn and a 9:30 feeding where I got fed as well by John who made a very nice baked pancake, it was sunny, warm and I was feeling a whole lot better. The food and a large amount of juice all helped as well.

I actually was the one to say that we should go and do an adventure in Boulder. We really wanted prints of the 'hands' picture on the page, prints large enough to frame and hang in the house and at work. The only place I know of to do prints was Mike's in Boulder, so we went there first. Neither we nor the lady that was helping us knew what resolution we needed for an 8x10 print to come out well, so she took it back to the lab and evidently they didn't know, either. The lady in the lab made a 4x6, a 5x7 and an 8x10 just to see how well they came out!

It took about ten minutes and we wandered about looking for frames and John got intrigued by a digital picture frame. The digital picture frame could take digital pictures and display them as programmed. The one on the display was just running through the ones the frame had in memory. The resolution on it was very nice and it was keen to see a number of pictures running through.

All of the prints turned out really nicely so we bought them all and the frames with them. The lady that helped us said that we were really lucky as it usually took them two days to get prints made. That was good to know, too, and the quality of what they gave us was really excellent. Good to have the experience with what they could do for us. They also had a Kodak digital print setup that didn't have quite as good a quality but was really fast and we could pick and choose what we wanted from it.

Next up was Good Times, as it was probably one of the few places I missed eating from while at work. We got burgers, fries and lemonade and pulled into a spot to eat and Jet started to cry. Really yell. So the two of us piled into the back of the Passat, and John fished Jet out of the safety seat. I pulled the seat into my lap to make room in the middle of the back seat for the changing pad and Jet. Jet kept kicking so I caught his head and held that while John peered to see the damage...

Jet had done a complete blow-out Whee. Then, while John had finished cleaning him up and stuffing the plastic bag with all the debris, Jet well... jetted. Luckily, John had left the clean diaper at Jet's feet, and Jet hit the diaper solidly. I guess it was good diaper changing reflexes on John's part, keeping the new diaper in the one place Jet would likely hit. I just died laughing. John had also showed good sense and had packed three clean diapers, just in case, so we had plenty of extras.

So Jet got good and clean and dry and settled back into his safety seat. We turned it around, so he could see us, and he watched us, perfectly peaceful and content, as we ate. It was really cool. He was perfectly awake and watched us in this completely new environment, and was pretty much content to see things. That was very cool.

From there we went to Safeway and our movie rental place. John got red wine for a pork roast I wanted to set up and then got the movie, while I went into Safeway with Jet and found potatoes, tomatoes, and Oreos, as we'd forgotten all that the last time we went. By the time we were done, I was really tired, and we got home in time for Jet to want to eat again.

I got to nap while John made dinner, and I felt much better for that. We did a pretty late night between feeding him an extra time, the Red Green marathon and bits of Young Frankenstein. Hopefully Jet'll sleep tonight.

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