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March 4, 2001
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Movie Day!

  • 2:37 am: wet & eating 3oz
  • 6:09 am: Wet & ate off breast for a while & then got 2oz.
  • 9:27 am: Wet. Eat. Breakfast ~ 10+ big poopy & wet after.
  • 11:00 am: Eat. Big poopy in between. Then another eat to 1.
  • 1 poopy 2 wet 2 feedings (long) during Gladiator
  • 8:43 pm: bath after 1 boob dinner & pumping 2.5 oz
  • 9:31 pm: Eating.
  • 10:22 pm: Ate + bottle 1.5oz

Today was actually pretty relaxing, in some ways. I am over the hump of the cold, I'm pretty sure. Last night's headache and near fever were probably the worst of it. I'm just congested and achy in the ears today. After the wild ride yesterday, today was pretty calm.

After lunch John and I and Jet watched Gladiator. I can see why it got so much acclaim and it really was very grand. Ridley Scott did a very good job of making it feel like being in that time and place and the story unfolded from that setting and expectation set. Where men's lives were much cheaper than that of exotic animals and death was for sport and power absolute.

I enjoyed it a lot.

Jet fed twice while down in the basement and we had to stop twice for diaper changes, so I was glad that we weren't in any theater. I really love our home theater and this is a very, very good reason for it. We've been looking at NetFlix and thinking it's a very, very good deal. You can have only three DVDs at a time but you can go through as many as you want all for just $20 a month. Pretty nice, especially with our setup.

During one of the diaper changes, we stuffed the pork roast into the oven in the heavy cast iron pot. I dumped red wine on it to give it some liquid for the braise, and it looked good so we left it and wnet back down to watch the rest of the movie. When we came back up the house was redolent with the scent of garlic and wine and it was really really yummy smelling. I opened it up to find that it had dried out a good deal so I dumpted more wine into it and then cut up potatoes to roast next to it.

When the potatoes were done, John nuked veggies and we ate the semi-experimental meal. The roast tasted wonderful, but was a bit dry. The meat fell apart with a fork, but without the veining it was pretty tough even with the slow braise. The parts that were tender were the bits that were well veined. Ah well. I'll have to remember to use the shoulder roast if I want it to be really, really tender. It was yummy, though, and the oven roasted potatoes were yummy.

It was nice to have a meal that we'd actually put some time and effort into

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