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March 15, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Tight Schedule

I had an appointment for my eyes this afternoon. John and I also had a friend from Redmond in the area, Jackie, from Data I/O days. So the already disrupted morning was hacked to fit the schedule it had to for us to go. I needed to have at least 2 oz for a feeding while we were away. It would give me a four hour window for lunch and the appointment. I had that from last night, so we were set. I did some more pumping after the feeding after my breakfast and got a good amount.

Everything went to plan. That was very satisfying. I fed him at 11 to 11:30 and then we ran for Xilinx. I got a few minutes to get a few things from my cubicle and nearly all my group jumped me. It was pretty funny and pretty cool. John called just a few minutes into the conversation and it took me a while to get away from folks. It was kind of cool that they wanted to know how I was doing. It's been a month and a half, but it feels like no time at all.

I had to get a notebook that had my notes for my last design and for some notes on some portion of the system folks didn't know too well. I owed Bill a write up of the design and of that portion of the system, still. I also got my paper 'brain', my Covey daytimer from last year, so that I could do my portion of the annual review stuff. It's nice to have a real record of what I've done and didn't do. So I gathered what I needed for all that and ran. At the very last instant,I told Bob that it was Jackie we were going to meet and asked him if he wanted to talk with her.

John and Jackie persuaded Bob to come to lunch with us, eventhough he'd already eaten. He just came to talk. We went to Casa Alverez. It was really good, fantastic Mexican food, and I had the pollo burrito, chicken wtih mole sauce and beans in a burrito. Everyone loved the food and it was great just cathing up with them.

Bob had just gotten back from Australia, after several weeks there. He had some really great stories. Jacke had gone from being a consultant to working with a startup and she had a great time telling us about what they were doing. She was really happy and enthusiastic and it was fun to hear about. She also told us about her 18 month old daughter, and how things were going with her as well. That was very cool.

Afterwards I ran off to my appointment and got my vision thoroughly tested again. My astigmatism is worse. My contacts don't specifically correct for it, but since they're spherical, it actually does correct a little. The doctor said that I could get disposable toric lenses, but for about twice the cost. I'll have to think about that. At the moment, I'm pretty happy with my vision as it is, so we didn't change things.

I was done at 2:30 and back home by 3, just in time for a hungry Jet. He was so angry with me and hungry that he spent a good five minute yelling instead of eating. That was something completely new, but when I concentrated on settling him down, he did and then he latched on fiercely and ate.

He was very fierce about his feedings all afternoon, and I wonder, now, if the whole scheduling thing not only stressed me out a bit but him as well. While I did prove that I could do it and do it all in a timely manner, it took something of a toll on me. I was exhausted for most of the afternoon. After last night and today we also have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Weinberg. So we just have to do the one more thing and then there will be the weekend. It's good having Isabel and George to be around so that we can do things, but I occassionally wonder if I'm trying to do too much just because it's possible.

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