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March 14, 2001
two years ago
three years ago

Off Kilter

Barry came for dinner last night. He was one of John's high school friends and was in town for business. We haven't seen him for a pretty long time,and it was very cool to know that he was here and he could come to dinner. John's parents know him, too, so they had a great time catching up with him and his life as well.

Jet and I had a slightly off kilter day all day. It started with me pumping because he looked content, but he wanted to eat nearly immediately after I pumped. So he was very frustrated at how little milk he was getting. So we were mildly off all day, and John and I were trying a different thing for the night feedings. Instead of seting up a 4 oz and a 2 oz bottle, I setup two 3 oz bottles. The idea was that instead of having the late evening feeding and then having him wake up just two hours later, we'd feed him more volume with the last feeding and see if he couldn't sleep longer. Then on the next feeding, give him three and see if he could last most of the rest of the night on that.

It did mean I had to pump 6 oz. during the day, but I had to do that anyway, before. Just a little more planning. It was, however, all messed up by dinner and a nap I had to have before it.

Thing is that Jet slept when I was having my nap, which is normally quite an accomplishment. Then when Jet rode with us to dinner, he went to sleep, fast asleep. Which was very neat for our dinner at Sakura, and we had no disturbances during the meal,and were pretty happy with it. Problem was that with those 3 hours of sleep, he'd has the hour of nap, so that was 4 hours...

So he'd already had 4 hours of sleep before his last evening feeding. So after three horus, he was up for his night feeding and then three more hours later, he was up and totally awake after nearly 10 hours of sleep. Sadly, this was at 4 am for us. And we were completely out of milk, not that that might have helped, as he was basically slept out. Not matter hso much more milk we gave him it would be likely that he' jsut be more awake. He did manage a bit of a nap in my arms after the 4 am feeding, but only 'til 5:15.

John took him for the forty five minutes from 5:15 to 6, and then Jet wanted more food, so I fed him again until I heard rustling upstairs, at 7. We got up, and I pumped after he ate, this time, and handed him off to his grandparents so that John and I could sleep another hour or so until Jet needed another feeding. Thank goodness.

Things really are much better, and we're settling into a routine, now with Isabel and George. The communication about things is much better, and Isabel and I are kind of tag teaming dinners, now, which is nice. Both of us get to do things while the other is holding Jet. I can really see how multi-generational households used to work and can really appreciate that now. It's really nice to just trade off when necessary and communication things are going well enough that it's much easier than at the start and it's very much less stressful then when we first started.

That is very good, indeed

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