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March 20, 2001
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Less Frantic

It looks like George and Isabel might get to see Jet while he's not on a growth spurt as well. Jet surprised the heck out of us today and started going on a three hour feeding schedule. Last night he did take the nipple at the first late night feeding after a little fuss, but he wouldn't take it the second. John said that he wasn't rooting the second wake up, either, so he might not have been too hungry. He was willing to take the bottle in both instances, though.

During the day he repeated the emphatic refusals a couple of times 'cause he was crying a lot for the day. From the last few days, we'd assumed that he would be hungry when he was crying if his diaper was clean. He seemed to have constant bouts of gas, either more or less frequently. Sometimes he'd go half and hour without yelling, and sometimes it was only two minutes between crying bouts. Poor kid. I was very, very glad of Isabel today as we could hand off to each other when one or the other of us got tired.

David called in the evening and something he said made a lot of sense, that the stages and change at this point in life are so much quicker than they will be later. That the kid can actually change dramatically in a matter of hours, much less this dramatic change that has happened in just a day.

Finally figured out, near the end of the day that the indicator, after trying to de-gas him a little and checking his diaper, that if he was doubling up it was more severe gas, if he was rooting a little, he was looking for his binky and if he was rooting a lot, he was actually hungry. So for the last feeding, John managed to just latch him on by putting him on me and Jet as content, that time, to eat.

The thing is that it always makes sense, in the end. Even if the change is drastic, it always makes sense. Jet's growth spurt could only last so long, and it made sense that it had to end eventually. Today, since he only ate every three hours or so, my breasts were full of milk after all the activity of the last week and a half. Three hours was plenty for my breasts to replenish completely, so nature really did have it right to put in growth spurts to make milk production go up, cause the milk production now is plenty to sustain his new size.

He ate when we ate dinner, a dinner I mostly directed, rather than cooked, as when I'd gotten the potatoes into the oven and the steaks defrosted and the cast iron skillet heated up Jet figured out it was dinner time for himself as well. So I was feeding him and directing John to do the steaks while Isabel made salad and the vegetables. That worked out really well. Jet needed more milk again at 8:30, and we decided, after yesterday, that we'd feed him the bottle at whatever feeding he had after dinner, so we gave him 3.5 ounces and he went right to sleep at 9.

So they watched more of From The Earth To The Moon and I went upstairs and unloaded the camera. I'd spent about ten minutes this afternoon taking pictures of Jet, close-up, while he was propped up in a corner of the sofa. I wanted some face shots and as fast as I could get the camera to shoot, Jet was changing expressions. It was pretty amazing that I was taking pictures just about as fast as I could and no two of them are the same. Some of them turned out really, really good. You can see them here.

I stayed up a bit too late, I think. John went to sleep around 10 and I didn't get to bed until a bit after 11. My throat is starting to ache again and it's not a good sign, but I might have a chance to rest, too, tomorrow and the pictures were well worth doing.

I have a massage appointment tomorrow, and Michele had asked for a picture of Jet. I have the hanging-out picture, the picture of Jet being a football and now the one portrait from today. I'll let her choose and probably print another of whichever she takes. I am really, really happy with the digital photo printer that Geoff gave us as it gives us the ability to make them whenever and however we want and, sometimes, it's nice to carry a paper photo around to show people.

It's so peaceful, this evening, it's so strange after having things be so frantic for so many days.

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