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March 21, 2001
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I finally feel adequate again. A whole day of happy, quiet, mostly content baby is a real ego boost for a new mother. I even got my massage in without worrying too much while it was going on. It was kind of hard not to worry because Jet decided to eat at 9:45, which was just before my deadline of 10 am, which was when I was going to just pump and let them feed him a bottle if he got hungry.

He had some gas just as I was starting to feed him. He'd latched on and then started screaming, so I knew that it wasn't because he didn't want the nipple. He just had other concerns. So I walked around, bouncing him as that always seems to help him when he has gas, and when he finally quieted down, we sat down again and he latched on and ate.

I had to get out of the house by 10:15, so I had to limit the time he was on. Since the lion's share of milk is released in the first ten minutes and he sucks much harder on the first nipple than the second, I gave him ten minutes on the first and fifteen on the second. In the five mintues I had left, I ran to the bathroom, then got my shoes, coat, purse, and Visor and took off.

This after spending lots of time the last few days picking out pictures for Michele... I forgot about them completely. Drat. Michele didn't mind. She also gave me a tremendous massage that loosened up things I hadn't known were tied up tight. There's one stroke she does from the small of my back to my shoulders while I'm lying on my back that feels so very good.

It helped that when I got home Jet was asleep in Grandma's arms and stayed that way not only through lunch, but until 2. He had a little gas, and when I took the time and effort to calm him through it he took to the nipple just fine. So it may well have been that yesterady, if I'd done that, he would have eaten more, too.

Nothing critical, as he has plenty of food today and isn't starving in the least. We're just learning more each day.

So he was really peaceful and sweet for the rest of the day. I wonder if my having had the massage transfers to him, in some way. Mom is relaxed, so I can be relaxed. Something possibly as primal as that.

It was really funny standing in the kitchen late in the afternoon with Isabel and the two of us recognized the sounds and motions of Jet filling up his diaper. The funny thing was both of us having a good laugh about it. I actually am proud of the fact that I can recognize that now and knew exactly what to do when he stared crying nearly twenty minutes later. He had such a huge dump it overflowed the cover a bit, but that's likely a good thing as it'll likely be his only dump of the day.

I don't think I'll ever look at seedy mustard the same way again.

The evening was a sort of adventure, the five of us went to Country Buffet and had a really good dinner. The place is totally filled with families with young kids and when Jet started crying from a wet diaper, he fit right in with everyone else. John was a sweety and changed him before dessert, and Jet was a sweetie through most of the meal and all the way home.

We fed him relatively early again. We'd fed him at 9 yesterday and he slept through to 8, with two feeding wakenings and one diaper wakening, but eleven hours easily makes up for three wakenings. We'll hope he does pretty good tonight, too. I remembered, this time, to pump before I went to sleep. I went to sleep right after his last feeding while everyone else wached TV as I was feeling almost-sick again. Better to nip it in the bud.

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