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March 25, 2001
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When I got up, Jet's first feeding went pretty well, so the four of us decided to go to Lucille's for breakfast. We'd been wanting to do that for a while, and with the extra time because of the car repairs we were able to today.

I'm learning not to bolt my food when we're out with the baby from sheer nervousness and desire to get home before the baby screams. Jet was a doll for breakfast. He just slept through the whole thing and because he had the extra long sleep in the morning, he was great for the rest of the day, too. I finally got to eat one of the eggs benedict variations at Lucille's, I got the red beans with meat with egg poached on the beans and hollendaise on top and grits on the side. It was very rich and tasty and I loved the yolks all over everything. It's very nice to be able to eat not all-cooked eggs again, especially since the chef had done the excellent job of cooking the eggs so that the yolks were firm around the outside, and creamy thick on the inside. Perfect.

Jet only requested feedings every two hours, and after yesterday, it was very keen. I also seemed to have a great deal more milk and he was pretty content after twenty minute feedings. It's nearly as much time as it takes for him to take a four ounce bottle, and while it doesn't stuff him, he's content. An interesting thing to note was that I was usually ready for him by the time he was ready for me. The synchronicity really is there. Even or especially for the night feedings, I'm usually waking up from too-full breasts about the time he's waking up as well.

Our night feeding routine is first change the sopping wet diaper, then put him on me while John heats the expressed milk in a bottle. When the bottle's warm, John takes Jet to feed him the bottle, while I pump both breasts empty. Basically it's parallel processing, so that I don't have to spend an hour trying to get a sleepy Jet to empty my breasts and still not have enough milk to let him stay asleep for very long. I can, instead, just empty them in about the fifteen minutes it takes Jet to empty the bottle. We're all back into bed within half an hour to forty minutes and we're all pretty content to sleep for a while after that.

John had to go for another grocery store run today, as the diapers from yesterday's run were too big on Jet. Jet urinated and got *everything* wet from his onesie to his blanket to the sofa. Poor kid. So John had to get more of the newborn ones. I guess that even if Jet's gained another pound, he's still only about 8 pounds, and still the size of some newborns.

I hate disposables. Two reasons, the first being that I can never tell if Jet's wet, at all. The second is that they leave my fingers always feeling tacky, just a bit gooey and weird when I do touch the insides of them. Jet always seems more grumpy when he's in them, too; but that might just be my bias showing.

The night feedings went like a charm and I actually pumped more milk from my breasts than I ever have before. Now that is progress.

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