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March 27, 2001
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Yesterday was a very good day for milk production, and today was even better. I actually got 3.5 ounces in a single pumping. That was pretty amazing. Today was good too, and Jet seems really happy after he eats off me, content and playing a lot more during the day. He's actually awake and aware in steadily greater increments, and willing to entertain himself for a little while with the bee toy hanging in the bassinet or just kicking and reaching up with someone cheering him on with his new exercises. He really seems to like being cheered on.

Grandpa likes helping him bash his bee. Jet seems to have gotten the idea that he could make the bee swing wildly by swinging his arm in the general direction of the bee. He seems to prefer using his left arm and hand and finds it easier than his right, but that may just be coincidence. We all seem to see it, but we'll find out, probably much, much later, if he actually is a lefty. Grandpa helps his right hand punch the bee, repeatedly, which is kind of funny to watch. Jet just takes it all quite happily.

He's got a lot bigger vocabulary than he did a few weeks back. There are all kinds of chirps of delight now, and yelps and yips and yowls even when he's happy. His crying now has several different pitches, intensities and frequencies and they are correlating, more and more to more things. He has, however, also added a fussy crying that doesn't seem to have a direct cause. It might be gas, but he sometimes does it even without the clenching of his body that usually signifies gas. More to learn.

Sunday night brought about five inches of snow. After a few days of mild predictions, the dump was much bigger than anticipated, however, by yesterday afternoon the temperatures were in the mid-60's and everything was melting away like the witch in water. And, suddenly, all the grass in our yard was green. Vivid, dark, deep green. Today started with rain and by afternoon it was all breaking up and the sunshine got intense enough to make it nearly 70 in the house! That was pretty amazing, and we even opened some windows to cool the house off a little.

I felt pretty confident about feedings today, and by late afternoon, they were still mostly once every two hours. I planned, after the four o'clock feeding, to run off and get some local honey and some baking parchment. The first I thought I might go into Boulder for and the second I knew of a shop that wasn't that far away. The problem was that Jet was really frustrated with the 4 o' clock feeding. He was fighting getting on, and then he fussed as he ate. Still, he got off it at the end and seemed, at least, not hungry anymore, so I took off.

Instead of going to Boulder, I just went straight for the cook shop. When I'd botched getting there by taking a wrong turn that made it another ten minutes for me to actually get there, I just went directly home after I bought the paper. I got home at 5 and Jet was crying when I walked in the door. He was rooting pretty hard, so he really needed another feeding, right there and then, so it was a good thing I didn't go for the other thing. Besides, I remember, a while back, someone in our little neighborhood was selling raw, unfiltered honey last year. Maybe we can buy some from him, can't get much more local than that. It's a homeopathic way to dose my allergies with local stuff so that my immune system can be made to tolerate higher doses of it. It tastes good, too, especially in hot lemonade.

My sore throat still hasn't gone, but it hasn't blown up, either. I am half wondering if the snow and rain getting all the grasses and wild flowers started has upped the pollen counts considerably. And if the throat thing is actually an allergy rather than a cold. Anyway, hot lemonade made with honey instead of sugar really helped my throat feel better, and maybe it's the Vitamin C in the lemon juice that's helping the cold as well. For some reason, nearly all the nursing books say that I shouldn't take vitamin suppliments other than the balanced pre-natal vitamins I was taking during the pregnancy. They also say that drinking juices is good. So I've avoided taking Vitamin C pills, but I've been drinking a lot of cranberry juice and lemon juice in lemonade. From the labels, I'm likely getting about 500 percent of my daily requirement through 'natural' means. The liquid intake doesn't hurt my milk production, either.

Isabel was great and made a meatloaf dinner for us while I was running around. She found the diner cookbook that Trip had gifted me with for my birthday and happily made the meatloaf out of the book. We had a fun conversation about how cool diners were, and the diners she'd known back East. That was very neat indeed. Dinner was wonderful and I now have the stuff to make meatloaf sandwiches for lunch.

Sadly, there wasn't any good news about part for their car, today. So they're just staying on for a bit longer. They didn't know how long, but hoped it wouldn't be too long, so we didn't order extra skim milk for them tonight. I'm going to have to change the standing order, as I really don't like their orange juice as it's expensive for being from concentrate. The eggs are a much better deal and local to boot.

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