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March 24, 2001
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Rollover and Turnarounds

Jet's been waking up at 6 in the morning recently and after getting his soaking diaper changed instead of wanting to go back to sleep, he's started wanting to play with people. He wiggles and stretches and waves his arms and legs about He seems to really like having an audience, and this morning, when John got up with him at 6, while they were playing John thought it might be good to get Jet on his front for a bit.

There's some book or another that says that while it's good for the baby to sleep on his back, it's also good for the baby to play on his front to develop the neck muscles and arm and shoulder muscles necessary to roll and crawl. So John put Jet on his front. For most of the week or so previous, when Granny put Jet on his front, Jet would just start yelling after a bit, as he didn't like it one bit. With John, Jet started protesting and then hey-presto, Jet twisted his legs and hips and pushed with one arm at the same time and he was on his back again. Seven weeks old, and he rolls from his front to his back.

We all tried getting Jet to do it again for the rest of the day and even the next few; but Jet never quite got it all coordinated at the same time again, and only got more irritated at being left on his front than even before. I then read that it's not really until somewhere between 3 to 5 months that a baby actually learns to roll on their own. My.

Then I found it in the Le Leche book, late this morning. But it's kind of oblique. All there was was a single sentence mentioning that it's better to have ten minutes on each side of intense nursing per hour than it is to have long periods of nursing that's less intense. That it would stimulate the nipples to better production than if one let the baby nurse for a long time on a nipple. So I tried it.

I don't think I'm going to complain about once every 2 hour feedings ever again. At first, during the morning and early afternoon, I was starting a feeding every hour on the hour, and having half an hour between feeding. Then at 2 p.m. Jet completely refused to go on the nipple. He closed his mouth and yelled and kicked and screamed and when his grandmother took him, he settled into a doze. Neither he nor I got a lot of sleep today, and, instead of feeding him at 2, I pumped.

I didn't worry about the night feedings, I just went at it all day.

I also didn't give a damn about what anyone else thought or felt about the time or the intensity of it all, and just went for it. Since I had the morning pumping and the 2 p.m. pumping was a lot more than I'd expected in the afternoon, I was pretty much set for the night.

By the time late evening came, Jet was still getting pretty content after every feeding. That was good to see, by even that much my production had increased. I also managed to make the stuffed pork loin that John and I had taken to the Gibbons' before the birth!! That surprised me a little, but with just the half hour between feedings, I was able to make the stuffing and get it into the oven and get the roast into some brine. When the stuffing was done, I was done with another feeding, so I could just stuff the roast and stick it into the oven. When it needed turning, other people could turn it and when it was done, I was done with another feeding, so we were able to eat.

Jet was perfectly content to sleep while we ate. That was good.

He was pretty cranky by the end of the day, though, as he hadn't gotten long naps all day. It took us forty-five minutes to get him to sleep, even after the big night feeding. Momentum, I guess, he'd been active all day.

My night pumpings, which are usually much better than the late evening one, were really disappointing, but I guess, maybe that's when the tissue rebuilds or something. That's the other thing none of the books have talked about, that the supply from the breast might not meet the baby's needs in the cycle of a day. Jet doesn't eat much in the morning, but my breasts produce a great deal of milk when I pump then. Jet's usually pretty sleepy in the morning. He doesn't want nearly as much in the mornings as he does in the late afternoon and evening, so by the time the later part of the day comes along, he still does pretty good until the 7 o'clock feeding. He gets kind of frustrated then and by 9, he's ravenous.

That's why I had to give him that extra ounce that other evening.

The only way I seem to be able to make up his expectations is by pumping during the morning and night to make up the first feeding of the night and get a second feeding ready as well, because as much as I might pump during the first feeding, nearly nothing comes out. He wants as much as four ounces for that first feeding and I've never produced that much in a single sitting, ever.

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