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March 13, 2002
four years ago

Wahoo, Spices, and Swimming

The usual day when everything happens. We had work in the morning, and I had a meeting in the afternoon, and we had lunch with bob in between. Lunch was at Wahoo's Fish Taco's, which was really good. We sat outside and talked about everything, and John got Bob inspired about changing some things that need changing around work.

Afterwards we got Starbucks drinks and enjoyed the warmth, as it's not really spring, yet. And it was pretty chilly sitting outside.

I also got my Penzey's shipment and repacked various things with Jet 'helping' me by stuffing bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, and whole nutmegs into his mouth! I had to replace a bunch of them with my own stock, and Jet just loved the smell and tastes of all the spices that were loose. I also sat down to fill my peppercorn bottle with him, and he pulled out black peppercorns and ate them happily. He even bit them, I could see him biting them and he'd make this awful face, but then he'd reach out for more! So I guess he has John's liking for heat. That was pretty funny.

I got to go swimming, and had to just reheat a really quick dinner, as Jet didn't get tired enough to nap until fairly late. So I got work done, but suddenly realized that I had, maybe, half an hour until Joan arrived.

So we went swimming, and I saw one of the usual class members with her little baby girl, probably around Jet's age, in the pool, too! I kept thinking, wow, it would be good to have Jet in the pool, too.

The class itself was a really thorough workout. Both Joan and I were pretty sore afterwards. The instructor did some new exercises, and Joan and I tried some new belts. Mine had to be pretty short to fit around my waist, so it didn't quite give me the buoyancy of the old belts, so I was fighting, pretty hard, to stay on the surface of the water. Finally, I moved to where I could just tippy toe the bottom on the relaxation exercises and I was far more relaxed for them than I ever have been for them. That was very good. It's just really hard to relax when I'm going underwater, not that I'm in any danger of drowning, it's just hard to breath deeply and all that.

It was a harder class than we've been used to and maybe having it be not quite so hard last week really affected our ability to do things this week. I don't know. I do know I was really tired when I got home, and after feeding Jet, I did the smart thing for the first time this week and went right to sleep. Flump

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