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March 12, 2002
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Jet To Myself

8:28 pm: Today was the first day that I've had Jet to myself for a whole afternoon for a long time, and an even longer time since Jet was 100% while I had him.

I'd forgotten all the tricks and small things that make it easier, like working through the *whole* time he's asleep. I can always cook and eat lunch while Jet's awake. It's much harder to work while he's awake and wanting to get into everything. I had him up in the office for a while and in five minutes he tried turning off my machine, tried unplugging the network, and then headed into the bathroom to find a pile of tiles under the sink and start dropping them into the bathtub. An experiment, I'm sure.

Downstairs he started stepping up to the bar stools, pulling some of the rattan from the seats and eating whatever he managed to pull off. He got into the cupboards, started trying to pull apart a box of Kleenex, and all kinds of other stuff. I had to laugh.

I did manage to get some carrots into him, and he grabbed a plum I was eating and he gnawed away a good two square inches of it. He liked biting the really tart skin and sucked happily at the sweet flesh of it. He really enjoyed having the whole thing in his hands and burying his face in it. He also begged a bite of my Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, and when he got a bite he gave me a really huge smile.

So I did remember enough to just decide to spend the time with him instead of fighting to work while he wanted me. We had a great time when I decided that, and it was really good. I did feel mildly guilty about not getting stuff done, but forty plus hours of overtime in the bank made the guilt far less pointy.

John came home at the usual time and I was glad of him. He wanted to go to Home Depot, and he proposed going to Deli Cioso on the way. So we did that, after I got another half hour of work in while John watched Jet, and I could hear them playing happily. Jet then fell asleep on the way to the restaurant. Tired boy.

We got him into the restaurant in his seat and he didn't wake up until another kid started crying and fussing on a regular basis. I am always very glad of Jet whenever I come across a kid that does nothing but fuss while they're at a restaurant. Jet did wake up crying, but after being held for a bit, he calmed down and then settled into a high chair to eat chips, and then when the food came, he ate bits of carnitas from my taco and John started feeding him from a jar. Jet ate the whole jar of apples and bananas admit sips of pop from John's Dr. Pepper and my Sierra Mist. Jet was actually happy just sucking on the straw, whether or not it was actually in a cup.

He did great, and talked and played on the way to Home Depot. He and I laughed and talked with each other while John bought coffee from Starbucks. He was in a great mood and was really interested in all the things that went by as we strolled through Home Depot.

I, on the other hand, was brought up short by a perfume in the air. It turned out to be huge pots of pink jasmine, for $20! They were big pots with long vines that were all just covered with the blossoms and they smelled marvelous. Strong, sweet, and wonderful. It was their blooming time, January and February, and the label said that in cold climates, which this qualifies for, it's an *annual*. Which means that this is the one time they're going to bloom and then they're pretty much kaput for the rest of the year.

That is if I leave them outside. I picked up a pot and tucked it in the shopping cart. Jet was totally intrigued by the sprays of blossoms and kept trying to reach them. The scent followed us everywhere as we shopped for everything else. I wanted to start another, smaller herb pot this year, and I got all the things I wanted to maintain it. An 18 inch windowsill pot, the drain dish, and a few seeds. I still need a rosemary, a flat-leaf parsley and possibly some garlic chives, but I got two types of basil, cilantro, and normal chives, all of which I've used before while they were growing in my kitchen. I know, now, that I don't use sage, oregano, any of the mints, thyme, or a whole slew of herbs one can readily find.

Experience is a harsh thing on plants. I always feel guilty when they die of either dehydration or little house bugs and I just haven't used them.

I thought of that as we wandered about with the scent of jasmine wafting about is in a very thick cloud of perfume. Jet sneezed a lot. The poor plant hadn't been watered that well and was already dropping some of it's flowers. There were thousands of unopened buds on the stems. I thought about what it would take to keep it indoors, and I hadn't looked up if jasmine is poisonous for kids to chew on, like the philodendrons we have.

I finally put the jasmine back. There will be other times.

In the meantime, John got a bunch of wood, cement blocks, and other things for finishing off his new garage, which has been in existence for nearly a year. I also got a couple of springs to hold index cards that I can write stuff down on to really organize my work juggling. There's only so much a PDA can give me in terms of handling what it is that I'm working on. I have real problems holding thoughts while trying to flip through a dozen screen's worth of information, and being able to shuffle and reorder cards is a very, very good thing when I'm juggling that many jobs and a normal, stainless steel spring can hold a very great number of cars for cheap.

I also bought rechargeable batteries for the Visor, since they had the rechargeable alkalines there at the store. The only other place I'd ever seen them was at Target, and the prices here were a bit better! Hoorah! One set gives me enough charge for a good half a year, if the batteries start out fresh. So it's well worth twice the price of the normal batteries.

Jet started fussing while John was having his wood cut. So when that was all done, we took him to the restrooms and changed him, which got him set for the trip home. On the way home, he and John would just yell together, for the fun of it between laughing, clapping, and kicking of feet. After one such yell, Jet suddenly went quiet. I even yelled just to see if he'd do it yet again, and when I looked back at him, he was asleep.

I'm so glad Jet inherited John's insta-Sleep genes. He just went flomp and was asleep. John carried him into the livingroom and we unloaded the Baby Buggy. There was a message on the answering machine and it beeped incessantly and that finally woke Jet up. I didn't want him sleeping too long right before bedtime. It was hard enough this morning, with him up at 12, 1:30, 3:30 and finally at 6:30. I really want him to sleep a bit later and longer, but it doesn't seem to matter what we do.

He did wake up mad, though. So John fixed him a two ounce bottle and that cheered him up immediately. He then played for the next hour incessantly. Jet walked nearly everywhere, a bit more unsteady because he was tired. He chewed on the zipper of my coat. He pulled the tape measure from the diningroom table and *didn't* drop it onto the wood floor. He played with his car seat, tipping it back and forth. He clambered up John and cuddled with him in the rocking chair. He came over and bothered me while I was typing.

He didn't make any fuss, at all, until he was playing with his elastic string of beads and snapped the beads onto his fingers. Then he started crying steadily, as he was so tired. I cuddled him until he calmed down and then set him down for John to change him into a sleeper and into a disposable for the night. Jet cried lots. Poor guy. We just had to get through it. It wasn't like holding him more was going to make it any easier on any of us. So we got through it, and the instant I took Jet over to the nursing corner of the couch, he went quiet and was very, very sleepy.

I had to shake him a little to wake him up a little for the second side. That worked well enough. He went up with John without ever opening his eyes; but he was still aware enough to protest when John tried to put him in the crib. Ah well.

I'm tired. I should sleep

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