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March 14, 2002
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Napping, Pattern Boy

10:01 pm: A much better day, today. I got back into the groove of being Jet's sole caretaker at home, and he napped pretty well to boot. So I got plenty of time in today to make up for earlier in the week. That was good.

John got Jet at 7 this morning, after Jet got up a couple of times last night. He got Jet off to Joan's, no problem, and I got upstairs with my bagel and ate and worked until my meeting at 10. It finished in half an hour, next week's is going to be longer. And then I went and got Jet, who was happy, playing cheerfully with Haley. When he saw me he crawled over to me and Joan said, "That's the first time he's crawled all morning!"

Jet grinned at me and put his arms up to be picked up and cuddled in when I picked him up. He's still a really cuddling little guy and I'm enjoying that. Joan and I talked for a bit, and she gave me the usual hand-off information, what he ate and drank, when he was last changed, and the fact that he'd come to her for cuddling as if he were getting tired and wanting to take a nap. So she figured he was tired enough for a nap, either on the way or after nursing.

She was right. I got Jet home, nursed him and after a bit of bouncing, he went right to sleep for an hour. I learned from Tuesday and worked while he slept, and when he woke up at 1, we went downstairs and after I'd changed him, I nuked a Lean Pocket and ate that while I started to feed him.

Jet was really into eating this afternoon, and went through three-quarters of a jar of vegetables and another half a jar of carrots and beef. He ended up with both spoons (I usually give him a spoon to play with while I feed him, it keeps his hands occupied) and the empty vegetable jar. He banged the spoons around and then started putting each spoon in, in turn, and taken them back out again in turn. I blinked a bit, but he repeated the pattern five times.

Jet's playing differently, again. He took a bunch of cassette tapes from the tape shelves and carefully put them, one at a time, in his car seat. Then he took two, one in each hand, and came over to me. He'd put one tape into my hand, then switch the tape from his other hand into his original hand, then take the tape he'd given me in the now empty hand. He did that half a dozen times, carefully following the pattern.

He also found the white noise maker and played with it until he pulled the panel off the back and pulled out all four batteries. He then placed the batteries carefully into a box, then pulled them all out again and started stashing them into spots under my desk. He maneuvered around my chair and my feet and tucked the shiny batteries under the cardboard cover that protects the computer and scanner. Yeesh.

I'm gradually starting to cut down, even more, on Jet's nursings, as I can, now that he's not sick anymore. I'm trying to go at least four hours, and, when possible, six, between feeding him. We'll see how that works out, but giving him a bottle, feeding him solids, or handing him his water cup seems to work, so long as I cuddle him as well. That seems to help a lot.

Dinner was the pasta dough I made Tuesday. With the pasta machine, it was only a matter of ten minutes to roll out all the dough. I then made turkey cabonara, instead of bacon, I used turkey bacon, added onions, garlic, and thawed, frozen, chopped spinach. I boiled the water before cutting the pasta, and when the sauce was done, I cooked the pasta for a bare two minutes, and tossed it into the sauce pan. I broke an egg over it all, stirred like crazy, and then grated a bunch of cheese on top. Yum.

When we were done, we went out to Dairy Queen to have some ice cream. It was a clear night when we went in, but when we were eating, the sky started filling with snowflakes. Jet really enjoyed the ice cream, and when I gave him his own, small spoon, he started bringing it to his mouth when I put a bit of ice cream on it. I guess with an incentive to actually eat from it, he can! I was pretty impressed that he didn't get all that messy.

The snow was falling, thick, fast, and furious when we came out of the Dairy Queen. Jet was watching it intently, all the white feather-like flakes falling from the sky, lit by the lights in the parking lot. It was relatively warm, as the wind had died down considerably. We were also under cover, as we walked from the DQ to the Safeway entrance, as they were all part of the same strip mall. Jet's head craned to watch the snow falling all the way over and all the way into the store.

We passed a lady coming out of the store, and she grinned as she realized what it was that Jet was staring so intently at. It was really gorgeous to look at, and I watched it with him while we waited for John to get the grocery bags, the coupons and Jet's diaper bag.

Then we shopped.

Jet's night light burnt out yesterday. Okay. Really, Jet decided the night light was intriguing and he pulled it from the wall and while the bulb was still hot, he banged it a few times against the wall, experimentally trying to get the plug back into the socket, I think. He shook the filament enough that when it *did* get back into the socket, it gave up the ghost.

So we needed to get another bulb, or four, as it turned out. They're only supposed to last 2000 hours, and that night light has been burning steadily for at least the last six to nine months, so I'm pretty impressed. Jet really depends on it, and last night wasn't particularly conducive to sleeping until I took my desk lamp upstairs and turned it on in the corner of his room. He slept for four hours straight after that.

So we needed the light, and since we were there already, we stocked up big. The thick snow outside was another incentive to just get all we might need for the weekend. The corned beef was on sale, too, so I really wanted one of those, it's the tradition for St. Paddy's day to get the cheap meat and eat it for the next week in sandwiches and hash. They also had frying chickens on sale as well, so we got one of those, too. I kind of want to make the tea smoked chicken that Mom and Dad do, but it's going to take a bit of time and work to do that properly.

We got a bunch of stuff. Jet had a blast. We now have to wheel the cart down the middle of the aisles because if we get the cart within baby reach of the shelves, bad things happen. Or at least things happen that we really have to react to, quickly. As it was, Jet got a hold of the bunch of bananas and started gnawing away at them. First he started chewing the skin away from the stem end, and then started gnawing on the knot end, just eating the banana skin, like Kpax did. Yeesh. Then he started chewing on a foil bag of croutons. Then he grabbed a can of beans and started tossing it out of the cart as quickly as John could catch it and put it back in.

Shopping trips are definitely going to get more interesting as time goes by.

Jet's head was up and he had his mouth open and was watching the sky as we raced out to the car. John pulled Jet out of the cart before we even got out of the store and got him stashed into his seat with his blanket around him while I unloaded the cart into the trunk. The snow was falling so fast that in just the time it took to load the groceries a thin blanket of snow was covering the first bags I put it.

When I opened my door into the car, a sheet of snow deposited itself on my seat. All the windows were covered, but as soon as we moved, the snow all slid off, it was so dry and flaky. Yay!

That made it easy to get home. Jet played happily for the rest of the evening, after John gave him a 2 oz shot of formula. I unpacked all the groceries and found room in the pantry and refrigerator and freezer for everything and gradually we settled into our evening routine.

They say there should only be another inch or two on top of what fell last night and didn't melt during the day. I'm glad we don't have to go into work at any particular time tomorrow. We do have to visit the Longmont facility tomorrow, to put down markers of where we want our machines to go. We'll probably go in together and maybe even have lunch of dinner out. It should be a fun adventure, all in all, but we can go any time it looks good to go. and tomorrow afternoon should be warm enough to melt at least all the roads.

I'm so happy Jet's so much happier. He's also just walking like crazy, and I'm just amazed at what he can do

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