Liralen's Adventure Through Life
March 2002
  1: Snow Day and Stomach Flu
  2: Outlasting the Virus
  3: Day Three
  4: Victim Number Two
  5: Pizza Pye For The Wicked
  6: Too Busy Day
  7: Tired
  8: Whew
  9: Zoot Suit
10: Thoughtful Day
11: A Curry Monday
12: Jet To Myself
13: Wahoo, Spices, and Swimming
14: Napping, Pattern Boy
15: Running In Circles And On Errands
17: Dull Girl
19: Trashed
20: Jet At The Museum
21: Post-Production Depression
22: Donuts, Groceries, and Pizza
23: Home Depot, Gardening, and Pad Thai
24: Joining First Congregational
25: Turkey Stock and Playing Outside
26: Scolding Boy
27: Stocking Up and Swimming
28: Rostyki Arrive
29: Orchid Pavilion Feast
30: Bye To The Goodells and Blade
31: Easter Sunday

This month started with a really awful stomach flu for both Jet and John. It took us a full ten days to recover, and by the end of it, eventhough I hadn't gotten it, I had lost weight. So John took me to Suavecito and I finally got my Zoot Suit as well.

I worked hard this month, too, and remembered what it was like to really have a deadline and while it wasn't pretty it was pretty productive.

We jointed First Congregational in Longmont after all the weeks of the new member classes and seeing that Jet fit well in their nursery program. The rest of the month was mostly just all the little daily bits of life. At the very end, the Goodell's left for Hawaii and we got John's parents to stay for a bit. Yay!

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