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March 30, 2002
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Bye To The Goodells and Blade

We did quite a lot today. For all that Jet went to sleep so late after such an exciting evening, he slept like a log, only getting up once to eat. He then went to sleep until 6, was up for two hours to eat some solids an play with his grandparents and then went back to sleep for another two hours.

At noon, we all went to the Goodell's and then went to Santiago's in Longmont. When we stopped, Jet got to go out and walked with Haley and Alex. Haley pushed Jet over, once, by accident as she was so enthusiastic about seeing him after missing him yesterday. Jet didn't mind at all, and just got up and kept going after her. We got burritos and various Mexican foods to go and headed for the park. There's a nice park right near Lucille's with a good picnic area and a huge sand lot playground.

Jet, of course, as soon as he was let out of the car, sat down on the grass and started pulling handfuls of it up. He tossed some of it and looked at some of it thoughtfully enough that John picked him up and carried him over to the picnic areas. Jet got to run around a bit in the picnic area, but that made Haley and Alex pretty restless, so I picked Jet up and put him in my lap while feeding him some of the fries and grilled cheese from Haley's lunch as Haley wasn't going to eat the whole thing. He ate six fries and nearly a quarter of the sandwich before getting impatient when Alex was let free to play after he ate.

When the kids ran off to play, Joan, Isabel, George and I were left to finally eat our lunches in peace as John and Ray took the kids to play on the play set. Jet was really funny and when he got good and thoroughly onto the sand, he just sat down and, like with the grass, he started grabbing huge handfuls of sand and just seeing what it did. I got over there just in time to see him try and put some in his mouth. I grabbed his hand just after he got some of it, and shook the rest out going, "Yucky!" I don't think it made much of a difference, as from the look on his face, Jet had figured out for himself that it was pretty yucky.

Jet got to swing with Alex. Haley was fearless and climbed the huge play sets and went down the slides. Alex was pretty protective of her and made sure she sat down for the slide instead of going head first. He's a great big brother for Haley, I'm very impressed by how much he takes care of her in situations where, if it were just himself, he'd do the incautious thing. He seems to know the difference. I'm very impressed.

Joan even said that he was very proud of himself for changing Haley's diaper! Wow.

The morning had been much warmer than lunch time, and a wind started picking up with a completely overcast sky. So it got pretty cold. We all left soon after the kids got some play time, and Jet fell asleep on the way to Target, around 2. So John and I shopped and we then headed home.

At 3, I woke Jet up, fed him, and put him back to sleep because John and I were going to go out and see Blade II, and I wasn't going to be able to go from 10 am to 7 pm. Jet ate really well, and went right back to sleep.

The movie was pretty full, we did manage to find seats that were okay, and I got to see it on the big screen, the way I wanted to. I really enjoyed the first movie, in part because of how well it hinted at how inhumanly fast all the supernatural folks were. This movie did away with that, and made far more of it explicit than I really wanted. I'd seen enough of the Making Of shows to know that they'd used digital capabilities for some of the fight sequences and made them far, far, far more comicbook/anime-like than Hong Kong martial arts-like. Some of it was pretty awesome, some of it was mildly flat-funny, and most of it achieved what they set out for, which was a far more comicbook like feel to the whole movie.

The plot was very comicbook. John liked the plot from the first movie better. I enjoyed both. I really, really loved the Angie-like vampire girl who was ultra anime cute with bright, dyed red hair. I enjoyed both her badness and her beauty and her decision in the movie when it was her turn to decide. The movie really made me think of a gaming context and it was good in that sense, though there really is no system that could have modeled it. Hm. Feng Shui might have had a chance, especially given the plot difference between named and unnamed characters.

I enjoyed it a lot.

We came back to find that Jet had slept for three hours. And after a dinner of leftovers from yesterday's awesome feast, Jet stayed up and stayed up and stayed up. After I fed him, John took him upstairs to try and bounce him to sleep, but he twisted out of John's grasp as soon as John sat down. Then Jet ran to the door of his room, opened the door, and ran down the hallway to the stairs. John caught him at the stairs, and made sure he went down on his belly instead of head first, and then Jet ran back into the livingroom.

He played and ran and ran and ran until everyone else had gone to sleep. I stayed up with him because I'd slept in the latest this morning. As soon as he'd run around and made absolutely sure that no one else would play with him any more, he settled to nurse again, closed his eyes, and eventually wiggled off from nursing and snuggled into my arms to sleep.

He was only partially asleep when I took him upstairs, but when I put him in his infant seat, he smiled, snuggled in and closed his eyes. I stayed there for a count of 100, and he just stayed happily asleep. Yay!

I think it's just funny that he stayed active and as awake as possible so long as there were people to interact with and then went right to sleep, quietly, when folks weren't around anymore to be interesting

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