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March 31, 2003
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Longmont Rec.

9:09 pm: A quiet day at home today, until the late afternoon. Then Jet and I went to the Longmont Recreation Center to meet up with John. Bernd called us at the last minute to say that he was coming. That was cool.

It was a beautiful day. Nearly 70, Jet and Haley spent the whole morning playing outside. They had a blast, and when Jet came home, his pants were just full of sand and gravel. Hee. So he really needed to go swimming to completely clean off.

He was very happy to discover the pond in front of the Rec. Center. He stood there for minutes just looking at it and telling me about it. John appeared from the parking lot, then, which was cool as he could help me carry all the stuff towards the center while we both gently herded the very distracted Jet in the direction we wanted him to go.

We stayed outside to wait for Bernd. He arrived soon after, and we all headed on in. Jet had a blast. We just bopped all around the play pool. He didn't seem to enjoy the current pool as much as usual, but he loved climbing the stairs and just paddling around in his float ring. He got in deep. He slid down the slide, and he did experiments with his ring down the slide.

John and Bernd got to talk for a while. Then Bernd swam and used the steam room for a while. We went into the steam room to find him, and the damp heat felt wonderful to my poor, dried out skin.

My skin's starting to peel. I guess the sunshine and humidity of the Caribbean fooled my skin into thinking it would be okay. It's now very unhappy.

After swimming, we all showered, and John and Jet went home to make dinner while I stopped at Hobby Lobby and was finally rewarded with all the yarn I really wanted. There was good, worsted weight wool-ese for hats and there was plenty of the fall colored Corinthian for a blanket for Autumn. It is the perfect color for that name, outside of the wrapper. In the wrapper it seems so much brighter. In the shawl it seems just autumn colors with just a hint of green in alternating bands with gold all mixed with maple red. In the skein the purple seems garish, but in the actual garment, it is muted. It's interesting what a difference that makes.

The cap colors are a painted forest green and a simple brown. I'll likely do stripes of the two, alternating, and make two caps. I have a couple of socks, too, but they're like a burgundy purple.

I was very happy for getting enough yarn for both gifts for less than twenty bucks. Yay! Days of knitting fun for very little.

When I got home, we ate Morningstar burgers and fries, and then I sat down with my notebook and the shawl and had a good time measuring and counting rows and stitches. I knew that it was 63 stitches wide and that's all I knew to start. With counting and measuring I found that the three stitch garter stitch that I've been doing for the shawl to give it structural integrity is a two to one pattern, which gave me a formula of 2x^^2 for the total number of stitches I needed to make a square blanket. I really wanted to make a square blanket, as swaddling is very much easier with a square blanket than with a rectangular one, and Jet loved getting swaddled for a good three months.

It was funny figuring out a rough estimate of the total number of stitches in the whole shawl. 18 thousand of anything is a lot of something. I was only going to use two skeins for the blanket instead of three. So it was funny to figure out the likely number of stitches I'd have, all together, and then plug it as the total of my equation to come up with 78 stitches across for the blanket.

Mmm... math made concrete.

Jet, in the meantime, stole the shawl, wrapped himself in it. He also found our return address stamp and started stamping random pages in my notebook/journal. I got him to think it was okay to start stamping his own drawing books and notebooks. Whew.

He was pretty tired from swimming. He was mildly cranky, though he'd eaten pretty well of his fries. He asked to nurse, so we gave him milk, changed him, and I took him over to get his teeth brushed. He protested it every inch of the way, but I gave him the choice of doing it himself or letting me do it. And since he threw the brush a few times, I finally just took it and brushed his teeth, despite his protests. When we were done with that part, I cupped a bit of water for him to swish around and spit, as he now has kid toothpaste, which does have some fluoride in it, but not enough to be terrible for him to swallow. So he is learning to swish and spit, too.

He was smiling when he did that and then John appeared with a sheet of stickers. Jet's eyes got all round, and John said that when Jet brushes his teeth or gets his teeth brushed, he gets a sticker! Jet asked to have it put on the back of his hand, and he spent every remaining waking moment admiring it.

Happy boy.

It's a cool way to make something about brushing his teeth positive. So he gets a sticker for brushing his teeth from now on. Yay! He went to sleep very quickly, afterwards.

We're watching bits of the war coverage after he went to sleep, drinking some herbal tea, and just watching and thinking.

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