Liralen's Adventure Through Life
March 2003
  1: Liam's Memorial Service
  2: Quiet Day
  4: My Parents Arrive
  5: Sandwiches, Dry Cleaning, and Moving Things
  6: Getting Work Done
  7: Getting to San Juan
  8: Touring San Juan and Heading Out to Sea
  9: Orientation, Snorkeling, and Dressing Up
10: 4x4's on St. John on Antiqua
11: Moped on St Martin/St Maarten
12: Land Rovers on St. Lucia
13: Tired in Barbados
14: Sea Day
15: Running Across George W. Bush International
16: Seeing Jet Again
17: Rainy Day
18: Buried in Snow
20: Getting Out of the House
21: Face-to-face, Playing, and Shopping
22: Longmont Home Show
23: Putzing Around the House
24: Sick Day
25: Jumping In
26: Raining Again, Foomy!, and SpongeBob
27: Jet Eats!
28: Work, Eating, and a Fall
29: Jet's New Bed
30: Running, Playing, and Yarn
31: Longmont Rec.

A very strange little month, that started with finally getting closure on Liam's death. Then we had a full-blown vacation without Jet on a cruise out in the Caribbean. It was pretty fun, but John and I learned why it's not really the vacation for us. Mom and Dad did great with Jet. And Jet was quite content while we were away.

Once we got home, we got buried in snow, planted a lot of grass in our wild lawn, and got plenty of rain and snow. I really liked that. Jet and I played a lot, got sick together, and Jet ate a whole lot afterwards.

Then we got back into the daily swing of things and settled back into being home.

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