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March 30, 2003
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Running, Playing, and Yarn

10:48 pm: I was up early again. John finally slept last night without too much coughing. I was having problems sleeping again, so the exercise only lasts for so long. Jet and I had fun playing after he'd gotten up. John had a great sleep.

When he did get up, he felt much better, which was something I really liked. Yay!

He was willing to go out for breakfast, and since I was kind of tired and cranky, I asked him to decide where to go. So he went to the Family Affair. It was full in front, so we went to the back booths, and it was perfect. The booth meant that Jet and his booster was hemmed in by one of us.

Jet had an odd breakfast. He drank every single half and half in the bowl of half and halves. I took one away for my own coffee, and he protested mildly, but he had another three, which is more than he could count, so he was happy enough.

He had sausage bits, pancake bits, toast bits, hash brown bits, biscuit crusts, and even a bit of scrambled egg. He drank a cup of milk as well. I really enjoyed my biscuits and gravy. I have to try their ham gravy sometimes, as they have that, and it's mildly usual. John had the normal breakfast but with link sausage. There's still plenty there for us to explore.

When we got out, Jet started running down the sidewalk of the strip mall. He ran all the way down, all the way back, and all over again three times! He was just a running fool, and he just loved going as fast as he could. He had three wipeouts, and one of them was hard enough to make him cry, but he would get up and do it some more.

When he was finally tired enough to walk, instead, we managed to bundle him into the car and head towards church. I gradually believe that we really need to do more trips to parks or places where he can just play. Normally, we do the swimming thing at least three times a week, so he gets a good workout, then, but this last week we didn't have enough energy, between the two of us, to do that at all.

Jet had a blast a church. He played and played and played with the kids that were in the Wild Room. He happily went with all the other kids to the front for the kids' message, and took the hand of the teenage babysitter to go back to the room. He didn't need John's escort this time, and it was very cool to see. The lady in charge this morning was the mother of the Wyatt we ran into the very first Christmas we were there. Back then Wyatt was nearly a quarter bigger than Jet, now Jet's bigger than Wyatt! It's amazing how differently kids grow. It was funny to see that Jet's more coordinated than Wyatt, too, fine finger control as well as overall balance. He's had a lot of practice, I guess.

Jet ate grapes, muffins, and drank a whole glass of juice at the kids' table, afterwards. His food intake is definitely bigger than it used to be. He was also quite willing to go outside and wander around the church a few times. John found out where our dishes were, Liam's family had brought it all in a big box for anyone to pick out their stuff. So we went around the church again to get that and take it back to the car.

Jet had so much fun he fell asleep before we'd even pulled out off the street that the church was on. I was feeling better than yesterday, so I stayed up and tried to do a few things at home while John showed a guy the Range Rover. It is kind of weird to be down to three Land Rovers and still trying to sell one of them.

I tried to install Version 7 of Naturally Speaking and found that not only was my work machine inadequate, but our home machine (which is a faster processor and more memory), was inadequate as well. Oops.

So, instead, I worked on this journal. To accompany my efforts, I brewed some pu-erh tea using the gong-fu method. With a dozen or so Yixing pots it's a shame not to use them, so I used one and a pie plate to catch all the extra water. I have a dozen tasting cups, some of them made by Jon Singer. I also have two pouring pitchers. It's a shame not to use them.

It was very satisfying to have a pouring pot of wonderful tasting tea to pour in my cup. Mmmm... and it made writing all the more pleasurable.

When Jet woke up, I nursed him and instead of feeding him a full lunch, I gave him half a cup of milk and we went out.

The Hobby Lobby was closed for Sundays, but Wal-Mart was open. This one didn't have any better a selection than the other one, so I didn't buy anything. Jet, on the other hand, found a scoop and sand fork for 88 cents. Couldn't go wrong with that. So we bought it for him.

Then we walked to Souper Salad. Jet loved picking his own food, and he ate away happily. He actually ate half the things that were o his plate, the beets were a surprise to him, after he'd wanted them so badly; but most of the items were things that he liked. He even ate the super spicy peanuts, going "ow ow ow!" and breathing through his mouth. But he kept eating them. Wow.

He also ate chocolate pudding, ice cream, and then, after picking a bunch of cookie crumbs from my ice cream, his own small dish of cookies.

Sugar high.

We found out just how high when we got to Safeway and Jet started zooming all over the place and started crying whenever we tried to slow him down or make him a little less wild. It got a bit crazy. John took him off in a football hold, to change him and when he was done Jet was a little more tractable, or just a lot more tired.

We did find a Radio Flyer knockoff for $30. It seemed pretty solidly made, so we bought it and Jet peered at the giant box. If nothing else it'll be good for yard work.

The whole way home, Jet sang and bounced, and when we got near to home, he started asking for a bath. He really wanted one, so we indulged him and gave him a bath. Afterwards, we just watched some Loony Toons on Cartoon Network, and read a bunch of books.

He had his milk and change, and after three books he fell into my arms and just went to sleep. I took him up to his crib and settled him in it and he just sighed and snuggled in. Yay!

We got to watch news coverage after that. It's not stuff we want to watch while Jet's there. There's just enough questionable stuff to make it easy to avoid while he's awake.

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